Rise to the Moment of Truth Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Young Love Alabama News
Sean of the South: Dear Sean

“You don’t get married, because it’s the smart thing. You get married because a man is incomplete until he’s married.”

Middle Aged Couple Alabama News
Sean of the South: Jamie, my Jamie

It was simply that she was the only woman he ever loved. And after a few decades of marriage, she still is.

Grandparents2 Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Sound advice for sticking together in sickness and in health

The older I get, the more frequently I see that marriage has lost the reverence it once held. To many, divorce is the best option when things just don’t seem to be working anymore.

Marriage Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A love story built on a strong relationship with God

In this journey called life, relationships hold tremendous value, none more so than the bond shared between a husband and wife.

Engagement Alabama News
Sean of the South: Popping the question

“It sounds like a plot from a Hallmark movie,” he says. “But that’s how it all happened.”

Wedding Gifts Alabama News
Randy Tatano: 'Boost Bags' are the ultimate wedding gift

The North and South have two very different traditions when it comes to wedding gifts. 

Marriage Alabama News
Matt Clark: The process as the punishment

Over the last couple of weeks, I have written about the effect the Respect for Marriage Act might have. If the courts were to apply the bill as written, as I explained two weeks ago, then I think people who have religious objections to same-sex marriages should be OK. I stand by that assertion.