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Prison interior Alabama News
State Rep. Clouse: $1 billion budget for new Elmore County prison ‘sort of a sticker shock’

Members of the Alabama Corrections Institution Finance Authority increased the project price cap on construction of a new 4,000-bed prison in Elmore County from about $623.6 million to $975 million on Wednesday.

Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Ivey’s proposed budget prioritizes tax rebate, no tax cuts

Gov. Kay Ivey is including a one-time tax rebate, but no permanent tax cut, in her proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Clouse1029 Alabama News
State Rep. Clouse touts accomplishments after 2010 GOP State House takeover in bid for House Speaker

State Rep. Steve Clouse (R-Ozark), one of the two Republican candidates for Alabama Speaker of the House, first came to the state legislature in 1994, which was a time when Republicans were making inroads for local elected offices in Alabama.

AL State House Ashley Carter Alabama News
House General Fund budget chair rules out ARPA-based tax break; says relief could come from education budget

According to State Rep. Steve Clouse (R-Ozark), tax relief will not likely be a part of the ARPA appropriations but could come from other sources.

File b82fd353 585e 4cc1 8b91 7321d1deccd5 Alabama News
House passes bill to give recently released prisoners a grace period on fines

Being recently released from prison is stressful. A newly released inmate must find a place to live, reconnect with family and friends,...

File 41ddc2f7 4467 4417 808e e12b718ec588 Alabama News
House and Senate pass American Rescue Plan Act appropriation bills

The Alabama House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan Act appropriation on Tuesday with broad bipartisan support on...

File 5597f02d c6e8 4619 b9a3 a9f7f7b4d155 Alabama News
Alabama House Committee approves American Rescue Plan Act legislation

The House Ways and Means General Fund committee on Thursday gave a favorable report to legislation appropriating American Rescue Plan...

File 28bdeaaf 5b25 434b 885b 5a5593aab4c1 Alabama News
Appropriations bill for the ARPA funds introduced

State Rep. Steve Clouse (R-Ozark) filed the appropriations bill that would authorize the state to spend hundreds of millions of dollars...

File 3f899ebe de6a 460d ac1a c8c3d7f43d65 Alabama News
Legislature to consider a supplemental State General Fund appropriations bill

The 2022 State General Fund budget (SGF) was the largest in the history of the state. Last year the Alabama Legislature predicted robust...

File 9040a507 7793 4cd5 8a22 0e3fb8f676ed Alabama News
State to spend up to $8 million on outside legal help over next two years on prison case

By Brandon Moseley The State Legislature’s Contract Review Committee met on Thursday and approved an Alabama Department of Corrections...

File 4e1c8f81 fb72 49cb afb6 a4473e1beda3 Alabama News
State legislators ponder how to spend billions in federal dollars

By Brandon Moseley Members of both the Alabama Senate and House budget committees were in Montgomery on Thursday for a presentation...

File a2af9c40 d7d6 4b84 99a8 4e2a8dd0b23c Alabama News
Redistricting bills sail through committees; special session could wrap Wednesday

By Brandon Moseley All four constitutionally mandated redistricting bills were approved by committees on Friday and appear poised for...

File 535804ca 9244 4d79 ba39 cc209a92e88e Alabama News
Alabama Farmers Federation Endorses Rep. Steve Clouse

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Farmers Federation announced it endorses State Rep. Steve Clouse (R-Ozark) for Alabama House District...