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1819 News asks: How ‘Independent’ is America?

1819 News asked politicians, public figures and leaders: What is the state of American independence today?

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Selma City Council refuses to purchase abandoned YMCA building for $1

Citizen efforts to restore the Claude C. Brown YMCA to a public community center remain on hold after the Selma City Council again said no to purchasing the building, even for $1.

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From a home to a choir: Sozo Children radiates joy and ministers to hearers in Alabama

Sozo in Greek means “to save and rescue,” with the connotation of not only physical rescue, but spiritual as well. However, Sozo Children not only are saved, rescued and ministered to, they have an exciting ministry themselves.

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Recent hot car deaths serve as reminders of dangerous summer heat

Every year, children become victims of hot car deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) calculated a record number of deaths in 2019 when 53 deaths occurred.

Huffman Baptist Rob Paul Alabama News
Huffman Baptist makes varied use of church campus

Rob Paul has been leading his church to look at the community around them and think about what they could do to reach the next generation of neighbors. Here is the story.

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API: Roe rightfully overturned; now the issue is up to legislatures around the country

This does not mean that abortion is now illegal in America. The Supreme Court simply no longer considers it a right that cannot be touched by lawmakers.

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Justin Bogie: What is a labor union, and what could unions mean for Alabama?

Over the past year, unionization has been a hot topic in Alabama. An Amazon facility in Bessemer has twice voted on the issue of unionization, with workers choosing not to form a union both times. Recently, workers at a Starbucks in Birmingham voted to organize, becoming the first Starbucks in Alabama with unionized labor. But what does being part of a workers union really mean, and how might continuing efforts to expand unionization impact Alabama?

Jim Zeigler Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Flag Day, the almost-forgotten holiday

commemorate Flag Day each June 14 with flags and red-white-and-blue items at our home, the State Auditor's office, my car, and even my clothes. Often, people will remark: “You’re getting ready for Independence Day mighty early” or some other comment that lets me know they do not realize it is Flag Day, June 14.

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Readers React: to suggestions on changing election procedures

First, I appreciate your willingness to think outside the box and ask hard questions.  I admire the search for a better way with the understanding that there may not be one.  I appreciate that you are open to finding one or not finding one, as the case may be.

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Will Sellers: Bending the universe towards justice

Dr. Martin Luther King argued that the arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice. This geometry lesson was used to illustrate a belief that history is pulled gravitationally towards freedom.

Truth Alabama News
Musical group Truth to celebrate 50 years of ministry in June 17 reunion concert in Mobile

Roger Breland currently has several roles at the University of Mobile: director of the Roger Breland Center for Performing Arts, dean emeritus of the Alabama School of the Arts, executive director of the Voices of Mobile and special assistant to the president of the University of Mobile.

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Guest Editorial: Celebrating June, and the accordion

According to nationaldaycalendar.com, June is also: National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month, National DJ Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Zoo and Aquarium Month, Men’s Health Month, National Adopt a Cat Month ...

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Aubrey field goal keeps Stallions undefeated as Birmingham clinches USFL South title

Brandon Aubrey made his first field goal of the day with 1:44 to play to give Birmingham a 10-9 victory over the New Orleans Breakers Saturday at Legion Field.

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Alabama state offices closed for holiday honoring Jefferson Davis

Alabama state offices are closed Monday for a holiday marking the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

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Matt Clark: Free Speech and the right to say 'No' to promoting sin

This Tuesday, the Alabama Center for Law and Liberty filed a brief in perhaps the most important case involving the free exercise of religion that we have seen in a very long time. Strangely, to maximize its chance of success, it had to be framed as a free speech case. But however one frames it, this case involves the question that Christians have been wanting to know since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage: Does the Constitution protect my right not to promote it?

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Retired Mobile pastor falsely tied to SBC abuser list by local news outlet

Retired Mobile pastor Charles Brown, 79, has found himself navigating a situation he never anticipated — clearing his name for someone else’s misconduct.

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Readers React to opinions on Ivey winning primary

“I returned to Alabama from Hawaii on February 14 past, after 30-plus years. I’m proud to be back. I also voted for Kay Ivey in the recent primary. I must tell you though, if I had read the recent articles from Caylah and Justin, I most certainly would not have voted for Gov. Ivey. ..."

Gay Pride Rally Alabama News
Guest Editorial: Ivey's transgender protection did not go far enough

During the most recent broadcast of HBO’s Realtime, Bill Maher posited that there had to be a social component to the general rise of children claiming to be transgender in certain regions of the United States. After noting that there are fewer transgender kids in Youngstown, Ohio, than Los Angeles, Maher quipped, “Either Youngstown is shaming them, or L.A. is creating them.”

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Justin Bogie: What to expect from four more years of Ivey

What does another four years of Kay Ivey as governor mean for the state of Alabama? Unless a newly elected class of state legislators acts much more conservatively than their predecessors, it will likely mean bigger government, more taxes, and less freedom for Alabamians.

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TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl announces game day, possible times

The game will be played at Protective Stadium in Birmingham and will feature teams from the Southeastern Conference and the American Athletic Conference. Kickoff will either be 2:15 or 5:45 PM CT and will air on ESPN. Participating teams and kickoff time will be announced on December 4th.

USFL 2 AP Photo by Butch Dill Alabama News
USFL begins stretch run to playoffs

While no team in the United States Football League (USFL) has yet punched a ticket for the postseason, this weekend’s games will certainly impact who eventually travels to Canton, Ohio, for the new League’s inaugural playoffs.

Matt Clark Alabama News
Matt Clark: How the heroes of Benghazi may have saved the Unborn

Today, I want to share a story about two American heroes who laid down their lives to save their friends. But what they didn’t know is that their sacrifice could have saved tens of millions of others.

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Tim James falls short in primary bid for Alabama Governor

Greenville businessman Tim James lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Governor tonight finishing third behind Governor Kay Ivey and Lindy Blanchard.

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Readers React: To what to remember when voting and being 'woke'

Our readers react to recent stories or current events:

USFL 4 AP Photo by Butch Dill Alabama News
USFL Roundup: Birmingham remains undefeated with victory over Michigan

The USFL’s only remaining unbeaten squad maintained its perfect record on Saturday evening at Protective Stadium, as the Birmingham Stallions topped the Michigan Panthers, 33-17.

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Sister Angel

I saw her in the supermarket, wearing a dark habit. The old nun was meandering through the aisles, consulting a paper list with a pencil. Her medieval gown looked so wonderfully out of place in our fast-paced modern world.

Lynzie Liddell with Gary Palmer Alabama News
Briarwood's Liddell wins 2022 Sixth District Congressional Art Competition

Congressman Gary Palmer (AL-06) announced Lynzie Liddell, a student at Briarwood Christian High School, as the winner of the Sixth District 2022 Congressional Art Competition. The Artist Reception was held on April 25, 2022.

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