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Huntsville Mayor Battle applauds Artemis I rocket launch

Early Wednesday, the Artemis I rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla., as part of an effort to send an unmanned capsule near the moon.

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Youth sports coach jailed on rape charge in Roanoke

An east Alabama youth sports coach has been arrested over allegations of ongoing sexual abuse spanning nearly 10 years.

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Butterfly release to honor women impacted by ovarian cancer in Alabama

The Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation (NLOCF) is hosting a special event this weekend in honor of women who have been impacted by ovarian cancer.

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Artemis I launch delayed again

For the second time in a week, NASA has delayed an attempted launch of the Artemis I moon rocket. The announcement was made nearly three hours prior to the launch window.

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Fuel leak, engine trouble postpone NASA's Artemis I moon launch

NASA's scheduled Monday morning launch of the Artemis I super heavy-lift rocket from Kennedy Space Center has been delayed because of a reported fuel leak.

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Perry Hooper, Jr. arrested on sexual abuse charge

Former Alabama State Rep. Perry Hooper, Jr. was arrested in Montgomery Tuesday on charges of first-degree sexual abuse.

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1819 News Reporter Craig Monger talks the election lawsuit on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Reporter Craig Monger on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the election lawsuit, Lindy Blanchard's withdrawal from it and Don Siegelman joining it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci retirement Alabama News
Fauci Out — Biden medical adviser, NIAID director to step down in December

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci is on his way out in December, the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden announced on Monday.

USGS Alabama News
Mild 2.4 magnitude earthquake registered near Gurley on Sunday

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a mild earthquake registering a magnitude 2.4 event rattled north Alabama's Madison County on Sunday.

Rainsville Spill Alabama News
Rainsville residents evacuated after 18-wheeler Hazmat spill

Thursday, an 18-wheeler overturned near the intersection of Alabama Highways 35 and 75, spilling organic peroxide, a substance linked to health issues, including breathing problems.

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Jeff Poor named executive editor of 1819 News

Jeff Poor, currently the political editor of 1819 News, will soon assume the role of executive editor at 1819 News.

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Decomposing bodies found buried after kidnapped child rescued in Tallapoosa County

Law Enforcement confirmed disturbing details Tuesday after a young kidnapping victim was found, along with two decomposing bodies in Tallapoosa County.

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Alabama man convicted in 1994 murder executed by lethal injection

An Alabama man was put to death by lethal injection on Thursday, July 28.

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Identifying and avoiding Alabama's venomous snakes

If you talk about snakes in a public setting for any length of time, you will likely hear the phrase “the only good snake is a dead snake” or something similar. While it is important to be cautious around snakes, and other wild creatures, the phrase is not necessarily true.

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Will Sellers: Portugal's Salazar and the quest for stable government

Having a benevolent dictator who could act immediately and unilaterally, without the niceties of a parliament, plebiscite, or consent seems on the surface to be a good thing. But finding that one individual who possessed the necessary qualifications to consistently act unselfishly and only in the national interest was a challenge.

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1819 News asks: How ‘Independent’ is America?

1819 News asked politicians, public figures and leaders: What is the state of American independence today?

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Selma City Council refuses to purchase abandoned YMCA building for $1

Citizen efforts to restore the Claude C. Brown YMCA to a public community center remain on hold after the Selma City Council again said no to purchasing the building, even for $1.

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From a home to a choir: Sozo Children radiates joy and ministers to hearers in Alabama

Sozo in Greek means “to save and rescue,” with the connotation of not only physical rescue, but spiritual as well. However, Sozo Children not only are saved, rescued and ministered to, they have an exciting ministry themselves.

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Recent hot car deaths serve as reminders of dangerous summer heat

Every year, children become victims of hot car deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) calculated a record number of deaths in 2019 when 53 deaths occurred.

Huffman Baptist Rob Paul Alabama News
Huffman Baptist makes varied use of church campus

Rob Paul has been leading his church to look at the community around them and think about what they could do to reach the next generation of neighbors. Here is the story.

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API: Roe rightfully overturned; now the issue is up to legislatures around the country

This does not mean that abortion is now illegal in America. The Supreme Court simply no longer considers it a right that cannot be touched by lawmakers.

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Justin Bogie: What is a labor union, and what could unions mean for Alabama?

Over the past year, unionization has been a hot topic in Alabama. An Amazon facility in Bessemer has twice voted on the issue of unionization, with workers choosing not to form a union both times. Recently, workers at a Starbucks in Birmingham voted to organize, becoming the first Starbucks in Alabama with unionized labor. But what does being part of a workers union really mean, and how might continuing efforts to expand unionization impact Alabama?

Jim Zeigler Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Flag Day, the almost-forgotten holiday

commemorate Flag Day each June 14 with flags and red-white-and-blue items at our home, the State Auditor's office, my car, and even my clothes. Often, people will remark: “You’re getting ready for Independence Day mighty early” or some other comment that lets me know they do not realize it is Flag Day, June 14.

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Readers React: to suggestions on changing election procedures

First, I appreciate your willingness to think outside the box and ask hard questions.  I admire the search for a better way with the understanding that there may not be one.  I appreciate that you are open to finding one or not finding one, as the case may be.

800px Justice Will Sellers Alabama News
Will Sellers: Bending the universe towards justice

Dr. Martin Luther King argued that the arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice. This geometry lesson was used to illustrate a belief that history is pulled gravitationally towards freedom.

Truth Alabama News
Musical group Truth to celebrate 50 years of ministry in June 17 reunion concert in Mobile

Roger Breland currently has several roles at the University of Mobile: director of the Roger Breland Center for Performing Arts, dean emeritus of the Alabama School of the Arts, executive director of the Voices of Mobile and special assistant to the president of the University of Mobile.

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