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Caylah Coffeen: Are you chasing after the good or lingering over the bad?

Running a campaign is essentially crafting a story, with protagonists and villains, problems, quests, and goals for the future. What kind of story sways voters the most these days? Are we seeking the good, or more fascinated by the bad?

Caylah coffeen new Alabama News
Caylah Coffeen: Politics and paper masks

Would it surprise you to hear that younger generations have educated themselves well on big issues like climate change, inflation, healthcare, and abortion, but often don’t know the name of their own local representative?

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Caylah Coffeen: Options to update our system of voting

With accusations of corruption and crossvoting piling up in Alabama's elections, and more polarization than ever at the national level, young voters increasingly question America’s conflict-ridden two-party system.

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Caylah Coffeen: Deterrence through the justice of God

As we deal with the aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Texas, we also face predictable and insensitively timed cries for gun control. I’ve always been surprised and bothered that Conservatives don’t respond with their own policy suggestions. In the face of such wickedness, when our laws seem to fail at deterring crime, we must ask what needs to change and return to the source of our principles: God’s justice.

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Caylah Coffeen: Why did Ivey win?

We had a chance to pick another Governor, and we didn’t. We had a ton of alternative, qualified candidates, and Alabama still picked Kay Ivey.

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Caylah Coffeen: Huntsville ranking proves we can change

But even on a small scale, Huntsville’s cultural growth promises that we’ll one day rival Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, and other famous southern cities. But what makes a city great and famous? And how can we plan for a greater future right here in Huntsville?

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Caylah Coffeen: You can talk, but can you have a conversation?

With Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter, and the violent pro-abortion protests following the leaked draft of SCOTUS’s opinion on Roe, discussions of free speech have flared hotly yet again.

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Caylah Coffeen: When information threatens national security

Americans are quite wary or straight-up angry about the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board under the Department of Homeland...

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Caylah Coffeen: Who should we vote for?

I still haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for in the Senate and governor races. Many of my peers are also undecided and, overall,...

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Caylah Coffeen: Elon Musk bid for Twitter could be a game-changer for conservatives

A couple weeks ago Elon Musk announced that he now holds 9.2% of Twitter’s stock, making him the company’s largest shareholder. He...

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Caylah Coffeen: A Divisive Concepts Act isn't the solution to the problem

House Bill 312, the Divisive Concepts Act, passed the House and advanced in the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday but...

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Meadows' EMMA bill likely to be overlooked in this legislative session

Rep. Charlotte Meadows (District 74) has sponsored House Bill 401 (HB401), the Every Mother Matters Act, also known as EMMA. EMMA seeks...

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Caylah Coffeen: Stagnant leadership gives Alabama a bad name

As the legislative session continues and I see more bills fail or stall, I become increasingly frustrated with Alabama’s leadership....

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Caylah Coffeen: Are ESG metrics the new Liberal 10 Commandments?

Have you heard of the latest woke criteria by which we must structure our lives? This one is called ESG, and evaluates companies on...

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Caylah Coffeen: Muddling through state money

Finances are not my thing. I don’t like to touch budgets, investing, or the like with a 10-foot pole. But in the spirit of being an...

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Caylah Coffeen: Are Alabamians prepared for a post-Roe world?

Recently, abortion-related news has been somewhat quiet in Alabama, but not around the rest of the country. At the federal level, it’s...

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Caylah Coffeen: Taxing ourselves out of our Constitutional rights

Hot in the legislature this week: House Bill 272, which would allow adult citizens in good standing to conceal their firearms without...

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Caylah Coffeen: On Ukraine, and the balance between tyranny and inaction

Why doesn’t the youth care about foreign policy? Why didn’t we weep over the horrors in Afghanistan and why is our blood not boiling,...

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Caylah Coffeen: Gen Z asks 'Who am I?'

Recently I ran a small poll among friends and family around my age, asking about their emotional response to the conflict between Russia...

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Caylah Coffeen: Will gender disagreements make Conservatives a house divided?

Today, I bring you a report on the latest gender battle. Date: 2/7/22 Location: the fields of Twitter Casualties: human decency, sanity,...

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Caylah Coffeen: School choice - have we picked the right battlefield?

There are so many problems in the education system these days that I started to think many people had just thrown up their hands and...

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Caylah Coffeen: Fighting when we should be identifying

It’s a new year, a new semester, and young people are generally back in person at colleges. But what demographics are represented these...

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Caylah Coffeen: Is COVID revealing or suppressing real issues?

I don’t know about you, but I’m deathly sick of hearing about COVID. I never thought I’d miss celebrity gossip, but at this point,...

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Caylah Coffeen: Blurred lines and a generation of plummeting trust

President Joe Biden is meddling with Congress. He wants them to get rid of the filibuster so debate will end, and Democrats can pass...

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Caylah Coffeen: Carpe Diem, Carpe Domum!

It’s only the first week of the new year, yet optimism is scarce with inflation, rising prices of goods, and a difficult housing market...

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Caylah Coffeen: Millennials defy the myths, for good and for bad

As of 2020, millennials make up over a third of the workforce, the largest represented age demographic. As my generation grew up, we...