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Juandalynn Givan Alabama News
State Rep. Givan says calls to apologize for racist comments directed at GOP lawmaker 'merely another alt-right Republican distraction'

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham), is resolutely “unapologetic” for her comments in which she referred to a GOP lawmaker as an "N-word."

John Wahl Alabama News
Alabama GOP calls for official apology from Rep. Juandalynn Givan after racist remarks given from House floor

The Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) has called for an official apology from State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) after her Tuesday tirade in which she referred to a GOP lawmaker as an N-word.

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan Alabama News
State Rep. Givan doubles down on racist Tuesday Jay-Z tirade — Not the first time, 'may not be' the last time

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) is not backing down from her racist Tuesday tirade in which she referred to the only black Alabama GOP lawmaker as an "N-word."

Juandalynn Givan Alabama News
Watch: Democrat State Rep. Givan cites Jay-Z song to refer to Alabama's lone black GOP lawmaker as an 'N-word' — 'You gon’ always be one when you walk up in here'

While referencing a song by hip-hop artist Jay-Z, State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) indirectly referred to black GOP House member State Rep. Kenneth Paschal (R-Pelham) as an "N-word."

Scott Harris (left) and Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Proposed bill would allow legislature to call special session, removing Governor's sole authority

A proposed constitutional amendment to remove the Alabama Governor's unilateral authority to call the state legislature into a special session has been filed in the House of Representatives.

AL House of Rep Paschal Kenneth Facebook Alabama News
State Rep. Paschal's parental rights bill stalls in House, carried over at House Speaker's discretion

Legislation that would codify parental rights as "fundamental” was postponed on the House floor after lengthy protests from Democratic lawmakers.   

Smith Alabama News
Vestavia Hills church shooter pleads guilty to three counts of murder, receives life in prison

The shooter in the 2022 Vestavia Hills church shooting has pled guilty to three counts of capital murder and will serve the rest of his life behind bars.

voting, vote Alabama News
Two election integrity bills pass Alabama House, head to Ivey's desk for signature

The Alabama Legislature has passed two election integrity bills that would require the use of paper ballots and prevent voting machines from connecting to the internet.

Drone Alabama News
Bill filed to ban the use of certain Chinese-made drones for Alabama agencies and government bodies

A bill that would prohibit state agencies from using certain Chinese aerial drones has been filed in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Statehouse Alabama News
House passes legislation to allow manslaughter charges for those who sell or supply a controlled substance that takes the life of user

The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a bill that would allow a person to be charged with manslaughter if they provide an individual drugs that leads to their death.

Nathaniel Ledbetter. Alabama News
House Speaker Ledbetter waiting on Senate support before bringing 'divisive concepts' bill to the floor — 'There’s got to be an appetite for it'

Alabama House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville) says he's waiting to be sure he has the support before bringing his hotly-debated divisive concepts bill to the Senate floor for a vote.

gender fluidity Alabama News
'What is a Woman Act' filed in legislature — State Rep. Dubose bill would define biological sex language for use in Alabama law

State Rep. Susan Dubose (R-Hoover) has filed the “What is a Woman Act,” throwing a wink to the controversial Matt Walsh documentary, to concretely define gender-based language used in Alabama code.

Dubose Alabama News
Transgender college athletics ban legislation sails through Senate committee

Legislation barring college athletes from participating in sports that do not correspond to their biological sex passed the Alabama Senate Education Committee on Wednesday.

woman on phone Alabama News
Bill to collect phone surcharges to fund 988 crisis care system filed in Alabama House

A bill to add a surcharge to all mobile communication in the state to fund the 988 crisis system of care has been filed in the Alabama House of Representatives.

PRICE Act Alabama News
'Stalling tactics': School choice bill recommitted to different committee after public hearing

The Parental Rights in Children's Education Act, which would offer comprehensive school choice in Alabama, was sent to another Senate committee after receiving a public hearing in the Senate Education Committee.

Constitutional Carry Permitless Carry firearm gun Alabama News
Bill to recoup lost pistol permit revenue for sheriff's offices passes Alabama House

With Alabamainins no longer required to purchase a permit to carry a gun, sheriff's offices around the state have been concerned with how to make up the lost revenue.

Greg Reed, Nathaniel Ledbetter Alabama News
House Speaker Ledbetter, Senate Pro Tem Reed to visit U.S.-Mexico border next week

House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville) will join Senate President Pro Tem Greg Reed (R-Jasper) will visit the southern border next week to observe the ever-deteriorating mechanism at the United States-Mexico line.

Ronald Coley Alabama News
Man out on mandatory release rearrested for allegedly raping same woman he was convicted of assaulting in 2018

A man recently released from an Alabama prison due to the state’s mandatory release law has been rearrested for allegedly raping the same woman he was initially imprisoned for assaulting in 2018.

family doctor Alabama News
Bill to remove ability for 14-year-olds to consent to medical treatments filed in Alabama Senate

A bill to remove the current ability for minors over the age of 14 to legally consent to medical treatments and operations has been filed in the Alabama Senate.  

Ledbetter Alabama News
House Speaker Ledbetter: Movement on grocery tax cuts 'very possible'

Since Gov Kay Ivey suggested a $200 tax rebate for Alabamians, debate has raged on the benefits of tax rebates over against tax cuts, specifically cuts on the state’s grocery tax.

Barbara Cooper. Alabama News
Ivey announces resignation of Early Childhood Education Secretary after 'woke' teacher's manual

Governor Kay Ivey has announced the resignation of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education (ADECE) Secretary Barbara Cooper after reviewing a teacher's manual that contained a “woke agenda.”

help wanted, employment Alabama News
Alabama's March unemployment rates show slight improvement

Friday, Gov. Kay Ivey's office and the Department of Labor reported March’s unemployment rate, showing slight improvement from February and March 2022.

Wes Kitchens brighter Alabama News
Bill to prevent inmates facing additional criminal charges from being paroled passes House

Legislation to prevent the parole of individuals currently facing charges of additional crimes passes Alabama House of Representatives.

State Rep. Reed Ingram Alabama News
Bill banning loitering, panhandling on public roadways clears House of Representatives

On Thursday, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill by State Rep. Reed Ingram (R-Pike Road) to prevent loitering or panhandling on roadways.

ALGOP Chairman John Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chair Wahl praises Republican legislators for fight against 'woke policies'

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl commended several Republican legislators for sponsoring bills in line with party's mission.

Appleseed. Alabama News
Advocates rally in support of bill to allow review of specific older inmates sentenced to life under Habitual Felony Offender Act

Advocates of prison reform gathered at the Alabama State House to support a newly-filed bill to allow sentence review for prison inmates sentenced under the state’s Habitual Felony Offender Act.

Absentee ballot application Alabama News
State Rep. Kiel bill to crack down on ballot harvesting draws opposition from Democrat lawmakers, left-wing activists

A bill to restrict who can assist with absentee ballots caused a stir in the Alabama legislature, as opponents gathered inside and out.

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