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Aderholt Brooks Palmer Alabama News
U.S. Reps. Aderholt, Brooks, Palmer sign letter calling on Biden administration to act on baby formula shortage

According to reports, some Alabamians are scouring their neighborhood stores, seeking the precious commodity plagued by a shortage initially triggered by a recall in February.

Durant Mike for Senate official 840x400 Alabama News
Durant explains lack of participation in recent GOP primary elections: 'I was focused on growing a business'

Over the past few months, buzz has swirled about GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant's lack of participation in Republican primaries dating back to 2008, the last one in which Durant participated.

Tuberville511 Alabama News
Tuberville questions why women’s groups are not speaking out in defense of Title IX

During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show" on Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn), who formerly served as the head football coach at Auburn University, Texas Tech University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Mississippi, addressed why Title IX needed to be protected.

Johnston Alabama News
Alabama abortion ban architect Eric Johnston rejects calls to add exceptions for rape, incest

Eric Johnston, who as of 2019 had drafted more than 12 anti-abortion laws for the state, told Rightside Radio host and Alabama Policy Institute senior fellow Phil Williams that suggestions from legislators to possibly add exceptions to the 2019 abortion ban were not intended to be a part of the law he drafted.

Britt510 Alabama News
Katie Britt's UA student presidency, SGA morning-after pill resolution raised in U.S. Senate race

Katie Britt, formerly Katie Boyd, served as Alabama's SGA president during the 2003-2004 academic school year. And sometimes, as student governments go, they can be fraught with controversy relative to the University of Alabama campus.

Collins510 Alabama News
2019 Abortion ban sponsor State Rep. Collins says 'heartbeat bill' would be her preference

State Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur), the original sponsor of the 2019 Human Life Protection Act, said the ban as it was constituted was not necessarily her preference.

Elliott Alabama News
State Sen. Elliott says he would oppose adding exceptions to 2019 abortion ban

If the leaked draft opinion, authored by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, reflects the ultimate ruling, the new precedent will leave abortion law up to the individual states.

Senaterace Alabama News
New U.S. Senate poll: Britt 27, Brooks 20, Durant 20

The second consecutive poll shows former Business Council of Alabama president and CEO Katie Britt leading the way in the race for the Republican Party nod in Alabama's U.S. Senate race.

File 6b286fc5 78ca 4757 8496 c15e3c9a6a51 Alabama News
Alabama Forestry poll shows Britt with double-digit lead over Durant

We have a new frontrunner in Alabama's Senate race, according to polling results from an Alabama Forestry PAC survey of 500 respondents...

File 79c1ccc1 88bb 4d3f 885b 218e05735f67 Alabama News
Mo Brooks blames 'RINO wing,' Richard Shelby for gov't spending, lack of Obamacare repeal

One of the headwinds facing the U.S. economy is the runaway inflation that burdens consumers. According to U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville),...

File c096b7e2 d944 4d3c adc8 e731f4296ff7 Alabama News
2 things ALGOP Chairman says could help shore up Alabama voting system

One of the big topics driving the discussion on the GOP side of Alabama's U.S. Senate race has been election integrity. It has also...

File 08409aa2 49fa 415b 9edd f261ae601c84 Alabama News
Long-awaited I-759 Gadsden connector to be completed by 2026, says State Sen. Jones

After nearly 40 years, Interstate 759, one of the last significant road projects overseen by former Gov. George Wallace, will be completed...

File 1141a19f cb73 4098 be2b 0d33a57869a7 Alabama News
Tim James rails against Ivey transportation priorities in Mobile campaign swing

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tim James brought his campaign to Southwest Alabama on Wednesday with stern disapproval of his opponent,...

Oakwood Alabama News
Oakwood Adventist Academy files federal lawsuit against AHSAA

According to a report from Huntsville television WAFF's Charles Montgomery, Oakwood Adventist Academy has filed a lawsuit in federal...

File db149a87 1c5f 4d62 8914 c70ccb631849 Alabama News
State Sen. Albritton says Alabama 'more prepared now than ever' for possible recession

State Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) says it is not a question of if but when the country suffers another economic downturn. However,...

File eafcc28f 8bf0 4a44 a0b3 942f5bb2076c Alabama News
New Mo Brooks ad emphasizes support of 2nd Amendment

Fresh off an endorsement by the National Rifle Association, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks' senate campaign released the latest advertisement...

File 8efb6844 9c39 48ab bcf8 26565700ee90 Alabama News
House Majority Leader Ledbetter vows 'immediate action' if SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade

An opportunity for the Alabama Legislature to regulate abortion may soon be on the way. According to a report from Politico, a leaked...

File 94520c16 1e36 49d0 af36 0a70525eb36f Alabama News
State Sen. Elliott says legislation on the way to rein in AHSAA

The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) has once again drawn the ire of a state government official for the lack of transparency...

File 4ab151f4 c366 444a 85e9 2c70627d21bf Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Aderholt presses AG Garland on 'partial-birth abortion' investigation in D.C.

There is some skepticism about the Biden Department of Justice's enforcement of federal law, especially regarding laws the Biden administration...

File 874a44a7 963d 4772 8a4c 9bcddb21e0d3 Alabama News
Mo Brooks receives Alabama Republican Assembly endorsement

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) received the Alabama Republican Assembly (ARA) endorsement. By a...

File 72ba8220 b1e8 4c96 bd87 9dd763e5cb22 Alabama News
U.S. Senate candidates trade barbs over Durant refusal to denounce Lincoln Project in tracker video

In heated high-profile election campaigns, one of the realities is the ever-present threat of ambush video tactics for the candidates. ...

File 5667778a 3f2d 40d1 be98 4d6bcd254abd Alabama News
Amtrak projects a $373.40 loss per passenger on resumption of Mobile-New Orleans service by 2027

Before 2005, Amtrak offered passenger rail service from Los Angeles to Orlando on its Sunset Limited line. One of the stops along the...

File b56b904b 5b20 43ad b420 cdb3ea19fd3e Alabama News
State Rep. Sorrell predicts legislature passes 'strong school choice' bill in 2023

Education remains a struggle for state government, which has been entirely under Republican control since 2011. In 2019, Republicans...

File f17037a1 6bee 4efc 8692 d4dc817393cd Alabama News
Watchdog group names U.S. Sen. Shelby April's 'Porker of the Month'

One of the big "winners" in the $1.5 trillion fiscal 2022 omnibus bill signed by President Joe Biden back in March was Alabama's own...

File dbf7b773 251d 40fc 9840 85740da7279d Alabama News
State Rep. McMillan passes away at age 80

  Alabama lost a true statesman on Thursday. State Rep. Steve McMillan (R-Foley) passed away at 80 after a long and storied career...

File 958e7625 ea8c 4e95 a2bb 8f1d272f1d1a Alabama News
Supreme Court hopeful Greg Cook says state resources still needed to combat ballot harvesting

For decades, allegations of absentee ballot fraud have plagued some of Alabama's elections, particularly in the state's rural communities....

File 69ded7a8 98e9 44c5 9d61 187ccf9e1dd1 Alabama News
Katie Britt says she is 'really excited' about Elon Musk buying Twitter

For better or for worse, Big Tech plays a pivotal role in steering the country's political discussion. It can be a place where mainstream...

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