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RSA from RSA Facebook Alabama News
RSA, legislators to begin lease negotiations on new State House

Members of the Legislative Council approved a resolution to begin negotiating a lease agreement for a new State House with the Retirement Systems of Alabama on Tuesday.

Reed Alabama News
State Senate Pro Tem Reed 'frustrated that we’re here' for redistricting special session

A legislative committee on reapportionment approved a new congressional map in an attempt to comply with a court order on redistricting in June.

congressional map Alabama News
New congressional map for Alabama approved by redistricting committee

A new congressional map that doesn’t pit any incumbents against each other was approved by the Permanent Legislative Committee on Reapportionment on Monday.

Kenneth Paschal Alabama News
Alabama black Republicans nervous about redistricting based on 'stereotype'

Black Republicans urged lawmakers at a redistricting committee meeting on Thursday not to redraw congressional districts based on racial stereotypes about voting.

Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
$67 million in GoMESA-funded projects by Ivey

Gov. Kay Ivey announced funding for twenty-seven projects with a cost of about $67 million, which are supported by funds from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006 (GoMESA). 

Joint Committee on Redistricting Alabama News
More redistricting maps released ahead of special session

More redistricting maps were released to members of the reapportionment committee on Friday, according to State Rep. Chris England (D-Tuscaloosa).

Vehicleregistration Alabama News
House doesn’t pass anti-state motor vehicle registration bill in 2023 session

Legislation clarifying that motor vehicle registration in Alabama happens at the county level wasn’t passed into law in the previous session.

Alabama map Alabama News
New congressional map proposal for Alabama to be released Monday

A new congressional redistricting map proposal will likely be released on Monday.

Biden Alabama News
Biden doesn’t want to negotiate on military promotions hold over abortions, Tuberville says

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said President Joe Biden doesn’t sound like someone who wants to negotiate after Biden said on Thursday Tuberville was jeopardizing national security.

help wanted jobs Alabama News
Alabama ranked 42nd in CNBC’s Top States for Business 2023

Alabama was ranked 42nd in the nation in a survey of state’s business friendliness released by CNBC this week.

Richard Shelby Alabama News
Former Sen. Shelby sends $5 million in campaign funds to University of Alabama

Former U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Tuscaloosa) donated almost all of his remaining campaign funds to his alma mater, the University of Alabama, in April.

Tommy Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville on Biden’s Europe trip: ‘I’m afraid he’s going to fall down every time I turn on television’

President Joe Biden is in Europe visiting with NATO leaders as the war against Ukraine and Russia continues.

Delegation Alabama News
Most of Alabama's congressional delegation silent on redistricting nonprofit donations

How many members of Alabama’s congressional delegation donated to a new redistricting nonprofit called Citizens for Fair Representation?

Medical cannabis subscription Alabama News
Medical Cannabis Commission sticks with same licensing methods

Most of the members of the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) decided on Monday to continue with the same evaluation procedures to award business licenses despite some disagreement and pushback from a few members.

Kenneth Glasgow Alabama News
Dothan pastor, Al Sharpton half-brother Kenneth Glasgow sentenced to 2.5 years in prison

A federal judge sentenced Kenneth Glasgow, of Dothan, to 2.5 years last week in federal prison for tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug conspiracy charges. 

Redistricting Alabama News
Why is a nonprofit funded by politicians paying for redistricting in Alabama?

A little-known Montgomery nonprofit funded by state legislators, political action committees (PACs) and at least one Congressman is paying for redistricting in Alabama. 

Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Ivey sets special election dates for House District 16

Governor Kay Ivey announced special election dates for House District 16 on Friday. 

ADOC Bill Lundsford Alabama News
$15 million in legal contracts to ADOC defense attorney re-approved

Members of the Contract Review Committee approved on Thursday nearly $15 million in legal contracts between the Alabama Department of Corrections and attorney Bill Lunsford.

Contract review committee approves $1.4 million legal contract for Balch & Bingham in ALDOT litigation over Baldwin County bridge project

Alabama's Contract Review Committee held a meeting Thursday during which it approved a $600,000 increase in a legal contract for Balch & Bingham law firm to represent the Alabama Department of Transportation in a Baldwin County bridge dispute.

notary Alabama News
‘Substantial overhaul’ for notaries public in Alabama soon to take effect September 1

Legislation adding new requirements to become a notary public in Alabama was passed into law in the previous legislative session.

Sustainable Alabama Alabama News
Sustainable Alabama seeks to join Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission lawsuit as defendant

One of the first cannabis companies to receive a business license from the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has asked to join a lawsuit against the commission as a defendant. 

Cannabis photo Alabama News
Another cannabis company seeks to join lawsuit against commission

Another cannabis company is seeking to join a lawsuit against the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC).

Medical Marijuana Alabama News
Judge postpones hearing on medical cannabis licensing leading to potential for further delays in licensing process

The business license selection process for medical cannabis licenses could see further delays.

Electric power plant Alabama News
Electricity costs up 10% for Alabamians in 2023

Electricity costs for residential customers in Alabama are up about 10% this year, according to data released last week by the federal government. 

Interlock Alabama News
Breathalyzer requirement for DUI pre-trial programs ends July 1

A 2018 law establishing an ignition interlock installation requirement for those guilty of drunk driving and participating in a pretrial diversion program expired on Saturday after legislators declined to extend the law in the past session.

Fentanyl, drugs Alabama News
Fentanyl manslaughter law mistake won’t be addressed until 2024

A bill passed last session to allow prosecutors to charge fentanyl distributors with felony manslaughter in connection to overdose deaths won’t be brought up in an upcoming special session, according to the bill’s sponsor.

School Choice Alabama News
State Sen. Stutts: 'I expect to pass a school choice bill next year'

Universal school choice legislation will be tried again in the 2024 legislative session with some possible tweaks. 

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