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Mike durant
Combat Veterans PAC endorses Durant

The Combat Veteran’s For Congress Political Action Committee announced that it is endorsing Mike Durant for U.S. Senate.

Tuberville questions why women’s groups are not speaking out in defense of Title IX

During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show" on Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn), who formerly served as the head football coach at Auburn University, Texas Tech University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Mississippi, addressed why Title IX needed to be protected.

Alabama abortion ban architect Eric Johnston rejects calls to add exceptions for rape, incest

Eric Johnston, who as of 2019 had drafted more than 12 anti-abortion laws for the state, told Rightside Radio host and Alabama Policy Institute senior fellow Phil Williams that suggestions from legislators to possibly add exceptions to the 2019 abortion ban were not intended to be a part of the law he drafted.

Stocks fall by Maxim Hopman
Stocks fall – Alabama Republicans criticize Biden’s handling of the economy

Monday was a bad day for stock investors, the first of several bad days over the past several months. Alabama Republicans react.

Tim James and Betty Peters edited
Betty Peters endorses Tim James for Governor

On Friday, the Tim James campaign announced that former State Board of Education (SBOE) member Betty Peters (R) was endorsing James for governor in the May 24 Republican primary.

Stacy George from his campaign website
Stacy George says we should learn from the Casey White escape

Gubernatorial candidate and corrections officer Stacy George said on Monday that the Casey White escape and capture left us with more questions than answers.

Wesley Thompson from his Facebook
The Collective PAC endorses Wesley Thompson

The Collective PAC announced a slate of endorsements of state and local candidates in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. In Alabama, Wesley Thompson, who is running in House District 3, received the group’s endorsement.

AL Sheriffs Association
Law enforcement officers endorse Kay Ivey

Over 30 sheriffs and police chiefs endorse Gov. Kay Ivey for re-election.

Sanford image 1
Fifth Congressional District Republican Primary Candidate Paul Sanford has deep roots in Alabama

Huntsville native Paul Sanford is very proud of his deep Alabama roots. “My family came to Alabama in the early 1800s before it had even become a state," said Sanford.

Katie Britt's UA student presidency, SGA morning-after pill resolution raised in U.S. Senate race

Katie Britt, formerly Katie Boyd, served as Alabama's SGA president during the 2003-2004 academic school year. And sometimes, as student governments go, they can be fraught with controversy relative to the University of Alabama campus.

2019 Abortion ban sponsor State Rep. Collins says 'heartbeat bill' would be her preference

State Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur), the original sponsor of the 2019 Human Life Protection Act, said the ban as it was constituted was not necessarily her preference.

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Blanchard criticizes Ivey for appointing Democratic judges

Gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard slammed incumbent Gov. Kay Ivey (R) for eight appointments of Democrats to fill judicial vacancies.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler Fuentitech com
Jim Zeigler is endorsed by ‘America First Secretary of State Coalition’

On Sunday, the Jim Zeigler campaign announced that a national group backing candidates for Secretary of State in 14 states, America First Secretary of State Coalition, has endorsed Jim Zeigler in Alabama’s Secretary of State race.

State Sen. Elliott says he would oppose adding exceptions to 2019 abortion ban

If the leaked draft opinion, authored by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, reflects the ultimate ruling, the new precedent will leave abortion law up to the individual states.

New U.S. Senate poll: Britt 27, Brooks 20, Durant 20

The second consecutive poll shows former Business Council of Alabama president and CEO Katie Britt leading the way in the race for the Republican Party nod in Alabama's U.S. Senate race.

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Fireworks over Common Core erupt at Fifth District Congressional Primary Forum in Athens

The North Alabama Athens-Limestone Republican Women organization, which had already used their Facebook page to endorse Madison County...

File f763136a 4149 4339 9a2d 78bb34dabdfb
Secretary of State candidate Wes Allen announces plan to recruit veterans to be poll workers

State Rep. Wes Allen (R-Troy), a candidate for Alabama Secretary of State, announced on Thursday a plan he calls “Heroes at the Polls.”...

File b2a6f8b0 7521 4be2 8167 96e9569d42af
Zeigler says that he will be a 'Watchman for election integrity' if elected as Secretary of State

Candidate for Secretary of State and current State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) is continued his campaign last week, claiming that in his...

File 7cdabc06 61fb 4a46 b3ed 0e18c7eb3579
State Rep. Rich Wingo endorses Tim James

The Tim James for Governor campaign announced on Thursday that State Representative and former NFL player Rich Wingo (R-Tuscaloosa)...

File 79c1ccc1 88bb 4d3f 885b 218e05735f67
Mo Brooks blames 'RINO wing,' Richard Shelby for gov't spending, lack of Obamacare repeal

One of the headwinds facing the U.S. economy is the runaway inflation that burdens consumers. According to U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville),...

File 0c3495b9 511a 426b bc73 8dd364a05555
Gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle unveils school choice plan

Gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle on Thursday unveiled his plan to expand parental choice in Alabama. “My opponents give lip service...

File 285e6fc4 9802 4dc3 b410 b687bcf6842e
Majority of Republican state legislators have endorsed Katie Britt for Senate

The Katie Boyd Britt campaign for Senate announced that 58 Alabama Republican state legislators have endorsed Britt. “It’s humbling...

File ef40e9e0 917e 4fbe ac4d 74f9b3382342
Alabama House and Senate Majority Leaders endorse Kay Ivey

On Thursday, the reelection campaign for Gov. Kay Ivey (R) announced that Alabama Senate Republican Majority Leader Clay Scofield (R-Guntersville)...

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Congressional candidate Bea Nichols encouraged by leaked Supreme Court opinion

Beatrice "Bea" Nichols, the Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama’s Seventh Congressional District, said that she is encouraged...

File b8c5dcd9 5063 4a77 a370 ee6f208601bd
Brooks campaigns in Etowah County

U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL05) spoke to voters in Rainbow City at the Western Sizzlin Restaurant. “Elections...

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Tim James rails against Ivey transportation priorities in Mobile campaign swing

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tim James brought his campaign to Southwest Alabama on Wednesday with stern disapproval of his opponent,...

File 52f497d9 128b 4007 8e28 ed4380bb64ac
National Right to Life endorses Kay Ivey for Governor

Wednesday, the Kay Ivey for Governor re-election campaign announced that the National Right to Life has endorsed incumbent Gov. Ivey...

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