A poll commissioned by the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) shows most voters in Alabama want lawmakers to cut the grocery tax as opposed to receiving a tax rebate check.

Results came from a survey asking 1,610 registered voters in the state if they supported a grocery tax cut, and 83% of participants supported it. In another question, 49% of participants supported a tax rebate check.

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According to ALGOP, there has been growing support for the tax cut among Republicans. However, Democrats have also voiced support for a tax cut.

“Cutting the grocery tax is extremely popular across party lines, with 70% of Republicans, 70% of Democrats, and 69% of Independents surveyed in support, and the rest either opposed or undecided,” the poll results stated. “When asked to choose between the tax cut or a rebate check, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents once again chose eliminating the grocery tax by overwhelming margins.”

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In early March, Alabama Alabama House Democrats called for a repeal of the grocery tax, saying the tax punishes the poor.

While some point out Alabama’s sales tax, which is one of the highest in the country when combined with local sales taxes, is a trade-out because the state has very low property taxes, others claim the state would not lose out on money from cutting the grocery tax because they would be able to spend that money elsewhere.

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“The people of Alabama are struggling to make ends meet with the cost of living right now,” ALGOP chairman John Wahl said in support of grocery tax repeal. “The Biden Administration’s economic policies have been an absolute disaster for our elderly on fixed retirements, our low income communities, and our middle class families. They need a break, and I believe cutting the grocery tax would go a long way towards giving them some relief. I’m excited to see Republican officials working towards the goal of supporting our citizens.

“One of the core beliefs of the Republican Party is that government exists for the benefit of the people, not the other way around. We want to help those families and individuals struggling with food prices right now. It’s time to end the grocery tax.”

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