Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL02) released a statement after voting against the "Assault Weapons Ban of 2022," H.R. 1808, which would ban many popular semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns as well as limit the size of ammunition magazines that Americans can purchase. Moore claimed that the bill was in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

“This unconstitutional mandate won’t make Americans any safer and will instead result in the disarming of thousands of lawful gun owners who simply want to protect their families and exercise their constitutional rights,” said Moore.

“Instead of performing their most fundamental duty to protect your Constitutional rights, Democrats are hellbent on taking them away. This direct assault on the Second Amendment will capture millions of sporting rifles, shotguns, and pistols simply because they have certain mechanical features that even the authors of the bill have demonstrated they don’t understand. This bill even bans pistol braces used by disabled Americans, including many veterans, to sport shoot and hunt.”

Congress passed a previous Assault Weapons ban in 1994 but chose to allow it to expire in 2004. Moore and other Second Amendment supporters claim that this legislation would strip Americans of their constitutional rights in defiance of the Constitution and recent Supreme Court decisions affirming Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

NRA-ILA Executive Director Jason Ouimet said in a statement, “Barely a month after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen, gun control advocates in Congress are spearheading an assault upon the freedoms and civil liberties of law-abiding Americans. The promises made in HR 1808 are nothing short of a lie based on willful ignorance of the disastrous 1994 Clinton Gun Ban which failed to produce any significant drop in crime.

"With more than 24 million potentially-banned firearms in common use, these draconian restrictions fall in blatant opposition to the Supreme Court's rulings in Bruen, Caetano v. Massachusetts, and DC v. Heller. Their refusal to recognize this reality places everyone at risk."

“Anyone willing to steal one of your rights would take away all of them,” Moore said. “If Democrats cared about keeping Americans safe and not increasing their own power and using the House floor to campaign, they would engage in real bipartisan conversation and pursue solutions where common ground exists.

I am committed to doing all I can to force Congress to seek productive and constitutional measures that keep Americans safe, and I plan to introduce legislation next month that will increase safety in schools while protecting Constitutional rights. This issue is too important for freedom-loving Americans to remain on the sidelines, and I will continue doing all I can to fight those seeking to seize power from the people and give it to the government.”

The Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 (HR 1808) would:

  • Criminalize the import, sale, manufacture, or transfer of certain semiautomatic rifles and shotguns, including the most popular and widely owned firearms in the nation, largely based off cosmetic distinctions rather than functionality.

  • Ban semiautomatic rifles and pistols if they can accept a detachable magazine and have a single characteristic like a pistol grip, forward grip, or folding stock or if they can accept a magazine with a capacity greater than 15 rounds.

  • Ban semiautomatic shotguns, including many of the most popular hunting shotguns, if they have the capacity to accept more than five shotgun shells and have a single characteristic like a pistol grip, forward grip, or detachable stock.

  • Prevent modifications to a firearm that could make it easier for an individual with a disability to use the firearm.

  • Prohibit rifles, pistols, and shotguns that have a pistol grip or forward grip.

  • Prohibit rifles and shotguns that have a detachable stock. Detaching the stock would be necessary to add a stabilizing brace or otherwise modify the firearm to make it possible for a person with a disability to use the firearm.

  • Allow ownership of covered firearms legally owned at enactment, but a transfer or sale of that firearm would require transfer through a Federal Firearms Licensee and a background check.

Congresswoman Terri Sewell (D-AL07) was the lone representative from the State of Alabama to vote in favor of the controversial legislation.

“I am a strong believer in the right of responsible gun owners to keep and bear arms,” said Rep. Sewell. “I also believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools. It is no coincidence that AR-15-style firearms have become the weapons of choice among mass shooters. Assault weapons like these are designed to slaughter as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. I applaud the House for once again taking action to address our nation’s gun violence epidemic and save lives. I urge our Senators to follow suit.”

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The legislation now moves to the U.S. Senate where it is unlikely to clear the 60-vote threshold to clear the filibuster requirement.

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