As of noon on Thursday, May 23, drivers crossing the Beach Express Bridge will no longer pay tolls.

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) will meet with the Baldwin County Bridge Company (BCBC) that morning to sign paperwork regarding the purchase of the bridge.

ALDOT is paying BCBC $57 million for the bridge. The state will also pay $3 million to Orange Beach for road improvements.

The bridge company has been at the center of a lawsuit against ALDOT after the state made plans to build a nearby bridge across the Intercoastal Waterway. Once that bridge is complete, it will carry southbound traffic, and the Foley Beach Express will carry northbound traffic. The route from Interstate 10 will be named State Route 161.

BCBC raised rates last fall and said it had no choice after months of court battles with ALDOT. The sale will terminate BCBC's lawsuit, which means Orange Beach will no longer receive revenue from the tolls.

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon told 1819 News he is not concerned with toll revenue, which only makes up 1.5% of the city’s annual budget. However, he does have questions about ALDOT’s plans to eventually make the bridge northbound only.

As for drivers, refunds for accountholders will begin in June and be made to the credit card on file or by an emailed check. Those refunds should be sent by June 24.

Further information related to account refunds is available at, by calling (251) 968-3415 or via email at

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