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'Nowhere to go but up': A unique 40th reunion at W.S. Neal High School

When Hugh Fountain was announced as the new head football coach for W.S. Neal High in East Brewton, it carried significance that went beyond sports. It reunited two men who had been friends since kindergarten. Because Fountain and Principal Todd Williamson are both alumni of the W.S. Neal class of ’82.

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New scooter trend picking up speed in south Alabama

That shiny new electric scooter you see on the sidewalk is not a Christmas gift some kid forgot to put away. If you’re in Andalusia...

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South Alabama veteran making everything old new again

It’s a trade that will leave you in stitches. And not because it’s funny. Upholstery is sort of a lost art in the era of particle board...

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South Alabama recipe for a bowl of soup that lasts for years

By Randy Tatano When you go out to a restaurant, you might take home some leftovers in a to-go box. You do not take home the dinner...

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The Alabama Hunting Invention you want but can’t buy

By Randy Tatano When you walk into the office of a car mechanic, you expect to see things like a rate card, a calendar from an auto...

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South Alabama men's ministry builds 500 wheelchair ramps in community

By Randy Tatano You could say what they’re building is sort of a “Stairway to Heaven,” even though steps aren’t involved. But what...