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Devyn Keith airbnb Alabama News
Inside Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith's illegal short-term rental

District 1 Councilman Devyn Keith was recently forced to cease renting out rooms at his home in north Huntsville, according to reports, since it was in violation of city ordinances against short-term rental properties. But the inactive listing on Airbnb still offers a glimpse into the lifestyle and mind of one of the city's notable officials.

Huntsville Madison water tower Alabama News
Huntsville Utilities requests water rate increase to help cover $218 million improvement plan

Since 1953, the Huntsville City Council has been asked eight times to increase water rates, according to Huntsville Utilities president and CEO Wes Kelley. Now, it’s being asked to raise the rates again to meet the city's growing demand.

Devyn Keith Alabama News
Convicted shoplifter Devyn Keith maintains innocence despite guilty plea — ‘The definition of stealing has intent’

Mere hours after being convicted of multiple shoplifting charges, Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith appeared to claim he was innocent of stealing from several Walmarts despite what he agreed to in court.

Devyn Keith Alabama News
Huntsville Councilman Devyn Keith pleads guilty to two shoplifting charges; Banned from Walmart

Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two theft charges after he was accused earlier this year of shoplifting from multiple Walmarts.

Dale Jackson Alabama News
'Someone will die!': Huntsville City Council confronted with alligator panic

The city of Huntsville wants to educate its residents about alligators in the area after one reportedly ate a man’s dog in the Hays Farm area.

Devyn Keith Alabama News
Huntsville councilman Devyn Keith's bench trial delayed for second time this month

For the second time this month, Huntsville councilman Devyn Keith has had his shoplifting trial date rescheduled, this time until August 22.

Devyn Keith Alabama News
Huntsville councilman Devyn Keith shoplifting trial delayed due to issues with reviewing video evidence

Huntsville Councilman Devyn Keith filed a motion Monday to have his bench trial regarding multiple shoplifting charges delayed to give him more time to review related video evidence.

Devyn Keith Alabama News
Accused shoplifter Devyn Keith removed from Huntsville City Council's finance committee, has travel request denied — 'It is easy to be guilty before proven innocent'

Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Kieth was removed from the council’s finance committee and had a travel request denied on Thursday during his first full council meeting since being arrested and accused of shoplifting from local Walmarts.

Keith2 Alabama News
Embattled Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith's supporters take to social media after shoplifting charge — 'White supremacy culture'

Some offered encouragement and prayer while others tried to claim Keith was the victim of a racially-motivated arrest.

Devyn Keith Alabama News
Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith issues formal apology, declines to comment on shoplifting charges — 'I promise to be a better man tomorrow than I am today'

"I didn’t come here to discuss anything. That's what court is for. What I've owed you is accountability, and I will never be distracting from the business of this great city.”

I Stock 180847707 Alabama News
Huntsville amends zoning ordinance to keep medical cannabis dispensaries inside city's medical district

On Thursday, the Huntsville City Council voted to keep any future medical marijuana dispensary within the city’s medical district.

Huntsville Police Chief Kirk Giles Alabama News
Huntsville City Council president decries police chief appointment as a 'step backwards' — 'Stark contrast' to commitment to 'diversity, equity and inclusion'

The Huntsville City Police Department has new leadership after the city council approved the appointment of Kirk Giles to take over as police chief despite some objections from council members.