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Center for Reproductive Medicine Alabama News
'It's a scare tactic': IVF clinic battling misinformation machine amid legal battle

The move comes in the midst of a lawsuit gaining national attention and false information has been reported claiming the clinic is closing.

Frozen Embryos Alabama Alabama News
Center for Reproductive Medicine IVF clinic to leave Mobile Infirmary, open 'new state-of-the-art facilities' in Mobile, Daphne

Late Wednesday, CRM announced it would remain in the area with "new state-of-the-art facilities" in Mobile and Daphne.

Mobile Infirmary front facade Alabama News
Mobile hospital where IVF case began makes call to end IVF therapy

The ending of services includes clinics that lease offices from Mobile Infirmary, including Infirmary Health.

CRM Alabama News
Mobile-based Center for Reproductive Medicine IVF clinic resumes practice

On Monday, the Mobile-based Center for Reproductive Medicine resumed operations after a more-than-a-month pause in the wake of an Alabama Supreme Court decision granting IVF embryos protection under Alabama's Wrongful Death of a Minor Act.

Man praying in church Alabama News
Allan Bledsoe: IVF, killing the preborn, and Christian worship

What does “going to church” have to do with what happens to embryos in IVF clinics? If we understand the God of the Bible, we will grasp how the two are vitally connected.

Alabama political news personhood Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: The concept of fetal personhood is gaining strength and stirring fear among abortionists

The real fight is restoring a culture that honors life. When you uphold life in one arena, it affects all the others.

Alabama Supreme Court Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Is the Alabama IVF decision activism or judicial restraint?

Can we justify a practice that allows the killing of multiple unborn children so that parents can fulfill their dreams of raising families? 

Nathaniel Ledbetter Alabama News
House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter: IVF is as pro-life as it gets, and the Alabama Legislature is committed to protecting it

IVF is as pro-life as it gets, and I am committed to ensuring it is always an available option for the people who call our great state home.

Biden SOTU Alabama News
Alabama's GOP delegation condemns Biden's SOTU speech: 'No dignity. No humility. No competence'

While U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) delivered the official Republican response to President Joe Bidn’s State of the Union address Thursday night, the rest of Alabama’s GOP Congressional delegation issued their reactions, each condemning the speech.

IVF Alabama News
Laura Clark: The overreaction about Alabama IVF

Republicans have a cognitive dissonance regarding IVF. While IVF is a good thing and pro-life in the sense that it does expand human life, unregulated IVF is a danger to life.

Biden SOTU Alabama News
Biden calls Alabama IVF ruling an ‘assault on freedom’ during SOTU; Ignores Alabama legislative 'IVF fix'

U.S. President Joe Biden called for nationwide access to in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments during the State of the Union address Thursday, condemning the recent ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court while ignoring the legislation passed to guarantee protections.

Bruce Pearl reacts after the game between Auburn and Ole Miss at Auburn Arena. Alabama News
Auburn's Pearl applauds IVF immunity protection passage after criticizing 'reckless' Alabama Supreme Court decision

Although he was critical of the Alabama Supreme Court's recent decision to define frozen embryos as children under the state's wrongful death statute, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl thanked the Alabama Legislature's passage of legislation to protect IVF clinics.

Kay Ivey Alabama News
Ivey signs IVF immunity protection into law – 'Alabama supports growing families through IVF'

On Wednesday, the State of Alabama passed legislation providing civil and criminal immunity to in-vitro fertilization clinics for death or damage to embryos, which could be defined as children under the state's wrongful death statute, according to the Alabama Supreme Court.

IVF Alabama News
Alabama Legislature poised to pass IVF immunity legislation as early as Wednesday

Legislation granting immunity to IVF clinics could possibly come before both the House and Senate for final passage on Wednesday.

State Rep. Paul Lee. Alabama News
House Health Committee chair State Rep. Paul Lee attempts impromptu public comment do-over after shutting out IVF 'fix' opposition last week

House Health Committee Chair Paul Lee attempted on Tuesday to rectify last week’s actions of allowing only supporters of the IVF bill to speak in favor of the bill while not allowing any of those who had signed up in opposition to the bill a chance.

snowflake baby Alabama News
Phil Williams: IVF and 'snowflake babies'

Don’t throw those beautiful snowflake babies out with the bath water.

Scott Harris Alabama News
Dr. Stewart Tankersley: Breaking the chokehold of the medical-industrial complex in Alabama

The Machiavellian techniques employed by the medical-industrial complex were clearly on display this week on Goat Hill. Public health advocates were circling the wagons, having their protectors in the legislature present bad bills, one after the other. 

CRM Alabama News
State Sen. Melson: IVF clinics in Alabama to store unimplanted IVF embryos ‘perpetually’ due to ruling

IVF clinics in Alabama will likely choose to store unimplanted IVF embryos indefinitely after an Alabama Supreme Court ruling in February, according to State Sen. Tim Melson (R-Florence).

Alabama political news IVF clinic Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Abortionists are using Alabama’s IVF case to promote their cause

Politicians and legacy media have reduced the decision to a slogan: “Alabama bans IVF.” This is patently dishonest.

in-vitro fertilization, ivf Alabama News
IVF debate likely not over, despite Alabama Legislature's rush for a fix to reopen clinics

Even though both houses of the Alabama Legislature passed bills to grant immunity to IVF clinics, lawmakers are likely not done with addressing the issue that has grabbed national attention in recent weeks.

State Sen. Larry Stutts on 'Capitol Journal,' 2/29/2024 Alabama News
State Sen. Stutts on IVF ruling: 'I think the Supreme Court rightly decided the issue'

During Thursday's broadcast of Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal," State Sen. Larry Stutts (R-Tuscumbia) discussed the State Senate's efforts to correct a potential vulnerability to Alabama's laws and constitution that threatens the practice of in-vitro fertilization after an Alabama Supreme Court ruling last month.

Bryan Taylor. Sarah Stewart Alabama News
Taylor calls on Stewart to recuse from further votes in IVF case over campaign contributions

On Thursday, Bryan Taylor, a candidate for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, called on his opponent, Justice Sarah Stewart, to recuse herself from future rulings on the IVF case because her campaign received hundreds of thousands of dollars from PACs the plaintiff's lawyers have donated to heavily.

IVF vote Alabama News
Alabama House passes IVF immunity bill after lengthy debate

The Alabama House of Representatives passed on Thursday to grant immunity to IVF clinics after a recent Alabama Supreme Court decision that has grabbed national attention this past week.

State Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur) Alabama News
House Health Committee chair Rep. Lee shuts out opposition to IVF bill, cancels public hearing while letting supporters speak

The Alabama House of Representatives' Health Committee passed a bill on Wednesday to correct the recent IVF ruling handed down by the Alabama Supreme Court.

tommy tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville: 'No one is going to ban IVF'; Says Alabama Legislature will get controversy resolved 'very, very quickly'

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) on Wednesday stressed that the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) controversy in Alabama would be remedied "very, very quickly" because "no one" wants the procedure banned.

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra Alabama News
U.S. Health Sec. Xavier Becerra discusses IVF decision in Birmingham: 'I think it’s become pretty clear that this isn’t just about abortion'

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra appeared in Birmingham on Tuesday to join a group of mothers, doctors and health care activists to address the future of IVF in the state in the wake of the controversial recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling.

IVF Alabama News
IVF bills giving clinics some civil, criminal immunity filed in House, Senate

State legislators filed multiple bills on Tuesday in response to an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that an embryo created through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a child protected by Alabama's wrongful death act and the Alabama Constitution.

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