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Amie Beth Shaver: Black History Month?

How did we end up with the idea of separate races? And when did people start buying into the hideous notion that one race was superior to another?

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'Really doesn't bother me': Alabama Democratic Party chair doubles down on Hitler-Tuberville comparison — 'White folk media, unless you’ve been under a rock, is racist, too'

Alabama Democratic Party chairman Randy Kelley refused to walk back a controversial tweet from the party's Twitter account, calling the media and U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) "racist" on Thursday.

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Col. John Eidsmoe: 1619 or 1620 — is racism the defining feature of America?

“The 1619 Project” gives the impression that slavery began with the American colonies. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

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Auburn Plainsman campus newspaper gives Black Student Union a pass — White racial slurs 'no way, shape or form the same as the historic systematic and structural racism' against black people

The editorial board for Auburn University’s primary campus newspaper, The Auburn Plainsman, released an opinion piece in response to the list of white racial slurs leaked from a group message titled “AU Connect.”

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Mobile County Health Department initiative sought to 'declare racism as a public health crisis'

While some community health departments continue to deal with the lingering effects of COVID-19, the Mobile County Health Department has moved on to tackle other so-called threats.

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Auburn University denies 'AU Connect' GroupMe tied to list of white racial slurs affiliated with school's Black Student Union; Investigation underway

Auburn University officials issued a statement that claims that the group message in which members listed racial slurs for white people on a Google Doc is not associated with the Black Student Union (BSU) or the university, as the whistleblower who leaked the information claimed.

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Auburn Black Student Union produces list of racial slurs for white people — Discovered on GroupMe text chat allegedly associated with organization

A whistleblower in the Auburn University Black Student Union claims to have retrieved a Google Doc from a group message associated with the organization, which lists over 250 racial slurs for white people, including “failed abortions,” “diseased neanderthals” and more.

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U.S. Rep. Rogers blasts DOD 'woke' school admin who said she was 'exhausted by 99% of the white men in education'

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) is going after a Department of Defense (DOD) education official over remarks she made on Twitter about white people.

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Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer: Racism in Alabama 'wasn't a part of my history' — Experienced more racism in California

Alabama native, Auburn University graduate and award-winning actress Octavia Spencer said that she’s experienced more racism in Los Angeles than she did growing up in the South.

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Birmingham Mayor Woodfin blames city's flooding issues on climate change, racism

Flash flooding can be a big problem for metropolitan areas with poor drainage, but mayor Randall Woodfin believes climate change and systemic racism have made it a much worse issue for the city of Birmingham.

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National anthem bill creates fireworks in Alabama Senate

The Alabama Senate Education Policy Committee on Wednesday passed a controversial piece of legislation that would require Alabama’s...