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New Year Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Resolutions society needs

Here are the suggested New Year resolutions that should cover everyone in some shape or form.

Die hard christmas Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Yippee-ki-yay, Merry Christmas!

I just need two things for a perfect Christmas… great food and an action movie in which things explode.

Christmas Tree Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Christmas Tree Wars — Real vs. artificial

After 20 straight days of vacuuming and watching the cat climb the Christmas tree, my mother had reached the end of her rope and said goodbye to real Christmas trees forever.

File a242bfca 1b7c 4382 866d df517af62d07 Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Dreaming of a White Christmas? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

By Randy Tatano This time of year, the chance of snow on Christmas Day in Alabama is pretty much a long shot. Sure, we’ve had an occasional...

Doctor, health, hospital Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Medical professionals need new terms

Please, medical professionals, ditch that discomfort word, let us know when things will actually hurt or taste awful, and just be honest about what we’re going to experience. 

Restaurant Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Please, don’t open a restaurant

The next time someone compliments your cooking and you hear, “You should open a restaurant…” Be afraid. Be very afraid.

free speech silenced Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The return of free speech?

So when Elon Musk bought Twitter, I decided to rejoin the platform. While I had no idea what he would do to the company, there was a clear indicator that things would change for the better.

John F. Kennedy Alabama News
Randy Tatano: November 22, 1963

There are certain days in our lives so significant that we can recall every little detail years later. Images, words and emotions that are burned into our brains. We remember exactly where we were, what we were doing and what we felt when an important event took place.

Voting, vote, election Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Bring back mechanical voting machines

The solution to voting issues is an easy one: let’s go back to mechanical voting machines.

Ayehu Recognized by Industry Analysts scaled Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Skynet is here — No Terminators needed

If I was granted one wish, I’d want a time machine to go back before technology sucked all the fun and quality out of life.

news, live, camera Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The TV live shot from hell

Back in the day, people thought I had a glamour job as a television reporter, and on occasion, it felt that way.

AL Capitol Ashley Carter Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Hey, Alabama legislators — English, please

The convoluted language that is supposed to “inform” voters has gone too far.

Subiaco Academy Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Why all-boys schools are a bad idea

Recently my high school had a big reunion. You know, one of those zero-numbered deals.

Student drop off and pickup sign stock photo Alabama News
Randy Tatano: How school pickup once became a network story

These days I know I should not be on the road at 8 a.m. or 3 p.m. Because that’s when parents turn into chauffeurs to drop off or pick up their little darlings and turn the local streets into the departure lane at a major airport.

Uconn Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Student at a lousy football college

I attended the University of Connecticut, located in the middle-of-nowhere town of Storrs. Which we all referred to as “Snores” since it was a boring place with nothing to do.

AP Collage Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Politicians off-camera

As someone who has met and interviewed dozens of politicians in my career, I’m often asked what these people are really like. It’s not too often you get a peek behind the curtain, as many are always in campaign mode.

chips Alabama News
Randy Tatano: My near-death experience

I did not see Elvis. I did not find out who killed JFK. Nor did I learn the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa. It wasn’t one of those near-death experiences

I Stock 1257031651 Alabama News
Randy Tatano: An Auburn fan’s greatest revenge

First, before you make any assumptions about where this story is going, please note that I did not attend Auburn or Alabama and don’t watch college football. (I know, sacrilege.) I’m an NFL guy. That said, pretty much everyone I know is a fan of one school or the other.

Trussville Police Department Badge by Erica Thomas Alabama News
Randy Tatano: How to personally fund the police

I’ve been around cops since I was a kid. Right off the bat, we learned police officers were the good guys and that if you did something really bad, you might end up in a horrible place called jail.

Shaving Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Old school shaving

When a beautiful woman tells you to, “Take it off, take it all off” I was sold in sixty seconds Of course, no gorgeous woman appeared in the bathroom while I lathered my face with Noxzema. Teenage boys are so gullible when it comes to a pretty face. (So are adult men, but that’s a story for another day.)

Priscilla Presley Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Priscilla Presley rocks!

 About 10 years ago I was one of the producers of a television segment on Elvis, which would feature an interview with his ex-wife, Priscilla, who was returning to Graceland on the anniversary of his passing. While I didn’t know everything about Elvis, I was very familiar with Priscilla from her days on the TV show Dallas.

Old radio Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Dad's radio days

Back in the day (those of us who are “of a certain age” say that a lot), you could fix electronics. If the TV had a problem, you could pull out the tubes, take them to the neighborhood store that had a tube tester, plug in each one, and find the bad one. Then buy a replacement, pop it in, and you’re back in business watching a picture off the rooftop antenna in spectacular black-and-white. Back in the day you could also build electronics. Which reminds me of the coolest thing I ever did with my Dad.

Kenny Stabler raiders com Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Snake on a plane

Snake on a Plane. No, not the movie. And not a real snake. Kenny Stabler.

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Hiring at your 'conveyance'

If you’ve ever been in a position to hire someone, you’ve no doubt had an eye roll moment. I’ve had several. They range from bizarre things on resumes to weird wardrobe choices for an in-person interview.

Blanchard and Burdette Alabama News
Blanchard and Burdette make gubernatorial campaign stops in south Alabama

Gubernatorial candidates Lew Burdette and Lindy Blanchard made a stop in south Alabama this week.

File b78ccbe5 24e1 433e af43 9d8b4dcc15b2 Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The time the airport went silent

Those of us of a certain age remember when flying was actually fun. I know that seems hard to believe in an era in which you get half-undressed...

File 48050ada 02d1 494c ae49 6fbf68131d31 Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The Yankees are coming ... but we won't bite

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there is currently a mass exodus from the Northeast to places in the South. While...

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