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Constitution Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The divine endowment of freedom in the United States

While our founding documents play a vital role in shaping our society, they are not the ultimate source of our freedom. Instead, it is God who granted us these inherent rights and responsibilities. 

Tuberville Alabama News
Gerrick Wilkins: Tuberville’s commendable defense of constitutional values in the face of controversy

Tuberville's resolute stance, even in the face of widespread criticism, highlights the importance of having leaders who are willing to protect life and uphold the law.

Constitution1 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Do treaties trump the Constitution?

Some globalists still insist that treaties supersede the Constitution, but legal precedent clearly says otherwise.

Constitution 2 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Hold to the Constitution! But what does it mean?

A new school of constitutional interpretation has arisen in the last 150 years called the “Living Constitution” approach. Followers of this school argue that each generation must be free to read new meanings into the Constitution, recognizing new “rights” the Framers never imagined. 

Prayer 3 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: It's time to pray to God and act

“I prayed for freedom for 20 years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

Donald Trump 3 Alabama News
Joey Clark: The law of the land beyond the Constitution

In the eyes of the ruling elite, Donald Trump's original sin is that he dared to think that he was actually in charge of the executive branch.

Money 3 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: How does the U.S. government get the money to meet our financial obligations?

Our government spends much more than it has or will collect, and to pay our bills, we must find somewhere to get the needed extra money. 

A close up of a pen filling in the yes option on a ballot. Alabama News
All proposed amendments to Alabama Constitution pass in midterm elections

All of the proposed amendments to the Alabama Constitution on the ballot Tuesday passed.

Dr Jimmy Blake with Kaye Reyes Alabama News
Former Birmingham City Councilmember running for governor

Former Birmingham City Councilman Jimmy Blake is running for Governor of Alabama as the Alabama Libertarian nominee on the Nov. 8 general election.

File 4a011399 14ef 4512 a6c0 4021ffd2eaa9 Alabama News
Legislative term limits bill introduced

A proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution of 1901 that would impose term limits on state legislators has been introduced in...

File 17c34f2e 68d6 429e bd34 7eba93f4892d Alabama News
White House expected to appeal nationwide injunctions against vaccine mandate

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) announced that a federal court has granted a motion by Alabama and...

File 053ee203 56ab 4dad a2f6 02c67d374f77 Alabama News
Gov. Ivey joins lawsuit to challenge Biden’s vaccine mandate

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) has joined in on a lawsuit challenging the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates....