Rise to the Moment of Truth Tuesday, April 23, 2024


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Justice Will Sellers: John Hancock and the speech that advanced the American fight for liberty

On March 5, 1774 – 250 years ago this month – John Hancock cemented his legacy as a leader of colonial resistance to British rule when he delivered his “Boston Massacre Oration.”

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KCarl Smith: The divine endowment of freedom in the United States

While our founding documents play a vital role in shaping our society, they are not the ultimate source of our freedom. Instead, it is God who granted us these inherent rights and responsibilities. 

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KCarl Smith: The perpetual struggle for liberty

Conservatives must employ a persuasive message of liberty that is so robust that the left can’t question it, can’t attack it, and can’t defeat it.

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Joey Clark: The flogging will continue until Americans remember they are citizens

Unfortunately, U.S. citizenship in modern America means neither freedom nor independence, but dependency and domination.

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Joey Clark: 2024, the year of mutually assured destruction in American politics

American democracy keeps killing the thing it theoretically loves – individual liberty – yet American democracy does not die. 

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Joey Clark: Party unity is overrated, liberty breathes with division

Liberty blossoms when power is set against power, ambition seeks to check ambition, and ideas are measured and weighed in the tumult and hullabaloo of our public political dramas.  

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Phil Williams: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen

I believe in limited government. Government that is responsive to be sure, but one that is not in the way.

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Joey Clark: Betraying liberty’s creed by political deed

The lust to dominate, the libido dominandi, does not discriminate between left or right, Christian conservative or secular progressive. It infiltrates all.