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Montgomery Abortion Clinic. Alabama News
Abortion clinic protesters detail violence, harassment, legal trouble at Montgomery clinic

"My message isn’t only ‘do not murder,’ but trust in Christ and love your baby as your neighbor to the glory of God"

Pro choice protestors. Alabama News
All Republican Gubernatorial candidates - except Ivey - vow to support abortion ban

Every Republican candidate running for Governor has pledged to abolish abortion in Alabama, with the exception of Gov. Kay Ivey.

Pepsi Alabama News
Huntsville to host on-site job fair for Buffalo Rock

Huntsville to host Buffalo Rock job fair.

Tommy Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville announces military scholarships for Alabama teens

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has announced twelve Alabama students who accepted their appointments to a U.S. service academy

Catfish Alabama News
Alabama #2 producer of catfish in America

Catfish is a southern staple that can be found on thousands of plates throughout the state in summer cookouts and barbecues.

Store Closed Alabama News
Alabama Center for Law and Liberty adds plaintiffs in lockdown suit

The Alabama Center for Law and Liberty (ACLL) has added additional plaintiffs in the growing lawsuit stemming from Alabama’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

File 77df6695 9597 49c1 a745 ecd384294d27 Alabama News
Ugandan children's choir to perform at historic Lyric Theatre in Birmingham

An Uganda-based children's choir is poised to perform at Birmingham's historic Lyric Theatre and the upcoming World Games.    The journey...

File 226a9315 4726 4ede 8b96 3a17dc689e17 Alabama News
AG Marshall calls out Biden's "Orwellian" disinformation board

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is calling on President Joe Biden to halt his Administration’s “Orwellian” attempt to initiate...

File b62eea55 538f 43e3 bc6c 3b97b1e2d129 Alabama News
Abortion advocates, opponents discuss possibility of a post-Roe Alabama

Those who support abortion, and those who oppose it, are now forced to envision an America where Roe v. Wade is no longer a reality. ...

File cdf7d87e d003 459b adcd 4c94f00addda Alabama News
Congressional candidate and U.S. Army veteran Casey Wardynski lays out priorities

Alabama’s U.S. 5th Congressional District seat is up for grabs, and old and new faces are in the running.  Current representative Mo...

File acfa5710 6733 4177 874c ed4399e33c24 Alabama News
National Day of Prayer: History and Purpose

Although the National Day of Prayer has been established as an official American tradition since 1952, the history runs far deeper....

File cbc9b844 b474 4f87 a767 7eacbd62bb4b Alabama News
AG Marshall receives endorsement from Alabama pro-life organization

Alabama Attorney General (AG) Steve Marshall received an endorsement from Alabama Citizens for Life (ACL). Marshall is running for...

File fe77d3bf 2a22 4e2c b208 6b0f9ffdd666 Alabama News
Alabama lawmakers, candidates react to leaked SCOTUS opinion

After a leak revealed a preliminary SCOTUS opinion on overturning Rove v. Wade, Alabama lawmakers and political hopefuls reacted. ...

File e78ce07d 36ff 4c81 9a2d 8ba6294f7f03 Alabama News
Trial begins for first man arrested after Mobile Co. boosts rape kit testing

The trial for a Mobile County man charged with sexually assaulting a child is now underway.   According to court documents, Roderick...

File 406fbaa2 e9ed 442b b808 9025bfe46762 Alabama News
Leaked SCOTUS opinion shows court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

An apparent first draft of a Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) opinion has been leaked, which appears the court will end...

File df27ea44 abcc 443c 8436 08d1836aac8b Alabama News
Baseball, softball drama continues after accusations from Wetumpka city

The drama between the city of Wetumpka and a local baseball league is not over yet, particularly after the city made bold accusations....

File 9d61f1d3 780a 472d af87 426836ca21b2 Alabama News
Roberts believes his experience with government is advantage in 5th Congressional race

Alabama’s U.S. 5th Congressional District seat is up for grabs, and old and new faces are in the running.    Current representative...

File c4b832e8 89f2 4f11 aaa2 5412ebffd12c Alabama News
FDA attempts ban of menthol cigarettes; some call it 'racist war on drugs'

The Biden administration is narrowing in on finalizing the decade-long fight against menthol cigarettes.     The Food and Drug Administration...

File 8d1415d0 95b6 4f71 a1dd 5ecd4e60d543 Alabama News
Biden to visit Alabama Javelin plant, while national supply shrinks

The White House announced on Wednesday that President Joe Biden will visit one of Alabama's Lockheed Martin Manufacturing plants in...

File 2431f762 8a7f 466c b1a3 b7022e8ff0b3 Alabama News
Bird flu rare in Alabama, but caution still recommended

Fears surrounding bird flu are subsiding around the state of Alabama, but caution is still recommended.    In recent months, there...

File bf2f9b38 abf7 415a 98d9 d4c97f8c62fe Alabama News
Mo Brooks responds to conservative award

Mo Brooks has received a high percentile rating from the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF).   Congressman Mo Brooks announced...

File 1c19d876 31fe 4a95 b698 738790586b79 Alabama News
Childhood liver disease on the rise, not just in Alabama

Alabama is not the only part of the world to see an outbreak of liver disease in young children. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that...

File 0a8696d7 d61b 4ad6 a1e6 355c73f7796d Alabama News
Popular Lake Martin restaurant open for season

All roads lead to the Landing at Parker Creek, or so the lakeside restaurant would have us believe.    Lakeside dining can almost sell...

File d3cef26d 299f 4ac5 bfd3 a7040c89ae42 Alabama News
Body recovered after long search for Gadsden jumper

A nearly week-long search for a person believed to have jumped from a Gadsden bridge has reached a tragic conclusion.    According...

File 809050da 6145 4eb5 9f84 014a995ac861 Alabama News
Elmore County House seat up for grabs

The race for Alabama’s 31st district seat is entertaining two primary candidates: Chadwick Smith and Troy Stubbs.   House District...

File c608f7d1 40e5 4fd0 a9e2 51f8a2815a1e Alabama News
Birmingham mayor announces pardons on 4/20

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin celebrated the unofficial national cannabis holiday by announcing that he would be continuing his...

File af77408a 1fc8 4192 b2b8 c81e67e2d291 Alabama News
Senate, Gubernatorial candidates address upcoming election at candidate fair

The Eagle Forum hosted an event Tuesday in which candidates from all over Alabama could come and talk to potential voters. The candidate...

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