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home design Alabama News
Gulf Coast's largest homebuilder Truland Homes acquired by D.R. Horton, Inc.

On Wednesday, D.R. Horton, Inc., the largest by volume homebuilder in the United States, announced it had acquired Truland's homebuilding operations to combine it with its platforms in Baldwin County and northwest Florida.

Deputy Brad Johnson Alabama News
State agrees to pay $1 million in settlement with estate of Bibb County deputy Brad Johnson, who was killed on duty in 2022

The State of Alabama has agreed to pay the estate of slain Bibb County deputy Brad Johnson $1 million, the maximum allowed by state law.

Rogers in Taiwan Alabama News
U.S. Reps. Rogers, Palmer visit Taiwan, discuss plans to 'deter aggression' by China

During an Indo-pacific tour, U.S. Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) and Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) visited Taiwan to reiterate support for Taiwan’s sovereignty and to address supposed concerns with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Diamond Alabama News
Daphne's Interstate 10-Alabama Highway 181 'Diverging Diamond' intersection designated the 'Senator Trip Pittman Interchange'

Alabama's first "diverging diamond" interchange opened in 2020 at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Alabama Highway 181 near Daphne.

The 1819 Alabama Constitution Image from the Alabama Department of Archives and Historypng Alabama News
On this day in 1819: Alabama’s first constitutional convention convenes in Huntsville

On the Fourth of July, Americans celebrated the Declaration of Independence from the English crown and the birth of the new Republic, but today, July 5, Alabamians have something further to celebrate: the anniversary of our state’s conception.

COVID Vaccine Alabama News
ACLL's Clark: SCOTUS ruling could help Alabamians fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine due to religious beliefs

Alabama Center for Law and Liberty president Matt Clark told 1819 News on Wednesday that one recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has the potential to help Alabamains who lost their jobs for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine due to religious beliefs. 

Cannabis photo Alabama News
Another cannabis company seeks to join lawsuit against commission

Another cannabis company is seeking to join a lawsuit against the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC).

Constitutional Carry Permitless Carry firearm gun Alabama News
State Rep. Stringer defends constitutional carry — 'Permits were just not a good tool anyway'

According to Stringer, leaving the required permit system is not an extreme danger as it was not as safe or foolproof as many believed.

University of Alabama Alabama News
What are Alabama colleges teaching about gender? Here are 10 courses at public universities this fall

1819 News read through the course curriculum and found several reading assignments arguing in favor of gender ideology while not a single assignment presented the opposing argument.

Prison interior Alabama News
Lawmakers confused, frustrated at rapid price increase of planned Alabama mega-prisons

In 2021, the Alabama Legislature approved $1.3 billion in funding for two prisons; now, the price tag for just one is approaching $1 billion, leaving some lawmakers frustrated and others with more questions than answers.

Federalist Society panel Alabama News
Federalist Society hosts debate on 'freedom of thought' as more Southern states look to combat woke ideology on college campuses

From Critical Race Theory to diversity, equity and inclusion, more Southern states like Alabama and Florida are trying to push back against woke ideology at public universities.

Medical Marijuana Alabama News
Judge postpones hearing on medical cannabis licensing leading to potential for further delays in licensing process

The business license selection process for medical cannabis licenses could see further delays.

Thomas Jefferson in 1805 Image from Wikipedia Alabama News
The man behind the Declaration of Independence: Thomas Jefferson

On this day 247 years ago, the American colonies declared their independence from the British crown and furthered a great struggle for separation that lasted slightly over six years and resulted in the creation of a new American republic.

Elliott Alabama News
State Sen. Elliott: Fourth of July a reminder of an 'inherently un-American' effort by Baldwin County Commission to grant certain cities regulatory authority over unincorporated subdivisions

State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) is warning of an upcoming vote from the Baldwin County Commission to allow certain municipalities to tax, police and regulate unincorporated subdivisions.

doctor thumbs down Alabama News
'Insurance companies are playing way too many games' — Alabama hospitals struggling to be paid for their services

In addition to a shortage of health care providers, Alabama’s hospitals are struggling on the business side due to the convoluted structure of insurance.

Electric power plant Alabama News
Electricity costs up 10% for Alabamians in 2023

Electricity costs for residential customers in Alabama are up about 10% this year, according to data released last week by the federal government. 

Prattville Library Alabama News
Online petition to relocate LGBTQ+ books for minors at Prattville library removed for 'hate speech'

The petition started by Prattville parents to relocate LGBTQ+ books for minors has been taken down by the host website for containing “hate speech.”

Digital Currency Alabama News
Economist: Central Bank Digital Currencies are a ‘power play’ for the Federal Reserve, federal government — Here’s how Alabama can push back

The popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin has skyrocketed over the past decade. CBDCs, like cryptocurrencies, are digital, but the main difference is that CBDCs fall under the control of the federal government.

Flora-Bama Alabama News
Flora-Bama: Deep roots and tradition on the Gulf Coast

It’s been nearly 60 years since the Flora-Bama got its start on the Alabama-Florida line. The business has undergone ownership changes and major additions but has kept an atmosphere of comradery and love for others. Ask anyone who has been to the Gulf Coast, and they have heard of the Flora-Bama.

Britt Alabama News
U.S. Sen. Britt on SCOTUS decision: Biden administration's student loan debt transfer 'scheme' unfair, unjust and unlawful

Earlier this year, Britt joined several Republican lawmakers in authoring an amicus brief arguing against the forgiveness plan.

Rip currents, sharks and bears, oh my! Gulf Shores Independence Day safety

Each year, more and more people flock to Gulf Shores for the week of Independence Day. More people means more fun but also more incidents.

Interlock Alabama News
Breathalyzer requirement for DUI pre-trial programs ends July 1

A 2018 law establishing an ignition interlock installation requirement for those guilty of drunk driving and participating in a pretrial diversion program expired on Saturday after legislators declined to extend the law in the past session.

Photo from Randall Woodfins Facebook page Alabama News
Birmingham Mayor Woodfin lashes out at U.S. Supreme Court on affirmative action, student loans rulings — 'A short-sighted, dangerous precedent'

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin took to Twitter on Thursday and Friday to voice his opinion on two major U.S. Supreme Court decisions last week that ruled against affirmative action programs in university admissions and Joe Biden's student loan cancellation plan.

I-65 delays Alabama News
Gridlock throughout Alabama as July 4 approaches — 'You're seeing backups in Clanton tied to the condo check-out time in Orange Beach'

You may not expect to be stuck in traffic on a Saturday in rural Alabama. However, if you've been up and down Interstate 65, the state's main artery, at any given point and time, it is not unusual.

Fentanyl, drugs Alabama News
Fentanyl manslaughter law mistake won’t be addressed until 2024

A bill passed last session to allow prosecutors to charge fentanyl distributors with felony manslaughter in connection to overdose deaths won’t be brought up in an upcoming special session, according to the bill’s sponsor.

Alabama inmates ADOC Alabama News
Alabama Department of Corrections courting technology to block cell phone use in Alabama prisons

The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) is considering implementing software to block unauthorized cell phone usage from inmates.

Photo from University of Alabama website. Alabama News
Alabama Higher Education commissioner Purcell on SCOTUS affirmative action ruling: Admission to Alabama universities ‘not based upon race’

On Thursday, Alabama Higher Education commissioner Jim Purcell told 1819 News that Alabama’s public colleges and universities did not make admission decisions based on race.

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