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Rise to the Moment of Truth Monday, July 15, 2024

Tag: First Amendment

SCOTUS Mc Donald Alabama News
Were Stan McDonald's free speech rights violated? Is criminalizing political contributions constitutional?

The recent resignation of Ethics Commissioner Stan McDonald has shone a glaring light on the potential constitutional frailty of the ethics law that compelled him to resign after admitting to donating to political candidates.

Alabama political news vaccine Alabama News
Katrinnah Darden: Free speech for all – Except anti-vaxxers?

Although the First Amendment did not grant an unrestricted license to speak anything, anywhere, it certainly protects the fundamental right to outwardly disagree with or question the government’s point of view.

Living Nativity Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Christmas wars 2023 – who won?

The Christmas Wars – at root a worldview conflict between those who want to celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday and those who want to secularize or ignore it – continued this year.

Iowa Capitol Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: A different kind of ‘Goat Hill’ at the Iowa State Capitol

The Alabama State Capitol is colloquially known as “Goat Hill” because the building was constructed on a pasture where goats once grazed. In recent weeks, however, the Iowa State Capitol took that pet-name for itself after allowing the Satanic Temple of Iowa to display a statue of Baphomet.

Oakwood Alabama News
'A win for religious liberty': AHSAA changes rules to consider faith-based requests following Oakwood Adventist basketball controversy

In what's being hailed as a victory for the First Amendment, the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) has updated its rules to accommodate religious requests following controversy over a group of students being compelled to choose between the tenets of their faith and a state basketball tournament.