Rise to the Moment of Truth Tuesday, April 23, 2024


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Ashley Carter: The most powerful weapon

In a world where our words can be used as weapons or tools for healing, it is so important to realize the true impact our words have on those around us.

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Allen Keller: Cultural insanity and the U.S. southern border

How far are we willing to go to prove that up isn’t down, that water is wet or air is dry, that abiding the law is better than breaking it?   

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Nick Treglia: The trouble with fairness and the search for truth

What was billed as an effort to make society fairer and more accepting turned into a licentious fiasco with no end in sight.

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Joey Clark: 10 good men and the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl

Ten good men can save a city, but you probably won’t see them in the national headlines – instead they are usually found where no one else but God himself is looking.

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Lauren DeMoss Benson: Indoctrinate your children with truth

How in the world do we keep our children safe from the lies of the world when it seems inevitable they will hear them? We can’t. Instead, we teach them the truth.