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1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats Alabama News
Joey Clark: Political bigotry

Bigot — a person who is intolerant of people with different opinions or innate characteristics than their own.

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Lew Burdette: It shouldn't take millions of dollars to win in Alabama

Listen, my friend. Listen as if your world depended on it. Because it's that time of the year again, when the haves are going to sell...

Phil williams Alabama News
Phil Williams: Huntsville and Birmingham, a tale of two cities

I have no patience for leadership that passes the buck. Recently on Rightside Radio, I took issue with the leadership of Birmingham’s liberal Mayor Randall Woodfin.

Buck Clemons Official Portrait Cropped Alabama News
Buck Clemons: Watch out for upcoming legislative shenanigans
1819 logo Alabama News
Readers React: Wonderful story on mom texting deceased son
File 7c8055f6 b71e 4e4d 9b09 2d6af07925f1 Alabama News
Richard Simmons: The presence of a moral law

(Part 3 of a three-part series on God’s signposts; see Part 1 here; Part 2 here) The third signpost that we should consider is the...

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Dear Naomi Judd

Dear Naomi Judd, I heard you died yesterday. You were 76 years young and lovely. Your family said you died from “mental illness.” No...

File 82bb6fc6 53c6 4a05 b615 d033f23de25a Alabama News
Caylah Coffeen: When information threatens national security

Americans are quite wary or straight-up angry about the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board under the Department of Homeland...

File 8b9fde5d a5dd 496b 96a6 6e06bd5665c5 Alabama News
Krissie Allen: Overturning Roe allows Alabama to decide for itself

The recent leak of the United States Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has stirred strong...

File 75dbb354 3d4b 426d add4 82b213fa8686 Alabama News
Ray Melick: The Roe decision, and a mom who is 'happily raising' a son she wanted to abort

In an Associated Press story this week with the title “Abortion restrictions are racist,” a woman who moved to Mississippi from Chicago...

File f4e82e20 d637 43d5 a52e 6d6d2647ebe4 Alabama News
Matt Clark: Praying that the justices won't flinch on Roe

Monday night, a person with access to the Supreme Court’s internal documents leaked a copy of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in...

File f1ae6ae2 724a 4093 924d 454222c5bc1a Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: We know what life is. Let's preserve it.

My granddaughter has her mother's eyes. And her daddy's nose. When she yawns, her tiny mouth forms a perfect circle. The handiwork...

File 8579ff68 d934 4c97 adcf 1ec5914e0487 Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Leviathan state is what really divides us

“Destroyers, are they who lay snares for many, and call it the state: they hang a sword and a hundred cravings over them. Where there...

File 032b6031 3018 425f 9894 6e004fda92e6 Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Alabama Republican Party has a big tent, but does it have principles?

Students of history know that the Republican Party was established as the Whig Party collapsed in the 1850s. But those who have focused...

File 42fc9855 c825 45f3 b5de e8c7f93bc891 Alabama News
Phil Williams: The thought police are coming

Ok, so we’ve all heard about the epic novel by George Orwell titled "1984". It’s a part of pop culture and has morphed into one of...

File 77f4894d 9d71 4db4 b787 147c1f958704 Alabama News
Readers react to Roy Brook, Alabama spending, and ballot counting process

Our readers react to recent stories or current events: June Calloway, from Vestavia Hills, read the profile entitled A true American...

File 823103b9 b9b3 468d b286 9f481a857dad Alabama News
Will Sellers: With a history of more lows than highs, Cinco de Mayo is worth celebrating

May is an interesting month for our neighbors to the south. This year, Mexico commemorates the 200th anniversary of the coronation...

File 3691c719 6707 41ca bfa4 ab5c6c3494ba Alabama News
Richard Simmons: God's signpost of love

(Part 2 of a three-part series on God’s signposts; see Part 1 here) A second signpost that points to the existence of God is the mystery...

File 664479c3 bc90 4e3b b27c 83cb27d0ad12 Alabama News
Mo Brooks: Britt and Durant run from public debates

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl worked diligently for months to set up a U.S. Senate Republican candidate debate for broadcast...

File eeb3bf2d 5887 497c 9663 b707f151bedd Alabama News
Guest Editorial: Setting the record straight on Alabama’s Child Protection laws

We knew it was coming. When Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill became law-keeping teachers from discussing age-inappropriate...

File e94ff603 20fd 4d7b a0a0 6cb08e6e013a Alabama News
Ray Melick: Musk plunges into the battle over free speech; good for him - and us

Democracy dies in darkness. That’s the motto, adopted in 2017, of the Washington Post, arguably the most influential media outlet in...

File 1fdaf2c7 0987 4e0c 955b 8a4f6bb47a0e Alabama News
Justin Bogie: When it comes to spending, Alabama is 'bluer' than New York and California

When you rank states in terms of their political leanings, places like California and New York are probably near the top of the list...

File 7a542ddf b5ba 43ad b1fc 796d212597a4 Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Elon Musk, a friend of freedom

  Elon Musk is a modern-day Frederick Douglass. His “Twitter takeover” is a significant victory in the battle for Liberty vs. Tyranny...

File 9f58e11e e44e 4603 aa5f 731d94861483 Alabama News
Elliott Wang: Supporting Taiwan’s participation in the WHO

Since the beginning of relations, Alabama and Taiwan have worked closely with one another, lending aid to each other and finding new...

File e94ff603 20fd 4d7b a0a0 6cb08e6e013a Alabama News
Ray Melick: For Ivey to be the voice of the people, she needs to show up to be heard

Six candidates were on stage Tuesday night in Huntsville; six candidates wanted to convince you that they should be the next governor...

File 73f82546 a89b 4175 b58e 0a3d008985d2 Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Imagining a leader who does what he says he will do, then goes home

Sixteen days isn't a lot of time to get much done. Or is it? Does the name Cincinnatus ring a bell? It was 458 B.C. when Cincinnatus,...

File 51cc6c13 d99d 40e6 b859 39586df8a56a Alabama News
Joey Clark: Has government gotten smaller since Richard Shelby became a Republican?

“Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.” Michael Malice On the afternoon of Nov. 9, 1994, the sun shone on a beautiful...

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