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Elon Musk left and Richard Shelby right Photos from Wikipedia
Elon Musk takes parting shot at Richard Shelby for SpaceX opposition

Multi-billionaire business mogul and engineer Elon Musk took to Twitter on Tuesday to say good riddance to Alabama’s former U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Tuscaloosa), who officially retired this week.

SLS Artemis I Orion
‘No damage’ to Artemis from Hurricane Ian; Another launch date set

Hurricane Ian did “no damage” to Artemis flight hardware and another launch attempt is scheduled for mid to late November, according to NASA officials. 

SLS Artemis I Orion
NASA to test Artemis I hydrogen leak repair Wednesday

NASA will begin an Artemis I cryogenic demonstration test beginning at 6:15 a.m. CT on Wednesday.

SLS Artemis I Orion
NASA's super heavy-lift rocket scheduled to launch Monday

NASA is setting the state for the Monday morning launch of the Artemis I super heavy-lift rocket from Kennedy Space Center

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Congress approves NASA Authorization Act

“With strong support from the Biden-Harris Administration as well as this authorization, NASA will continue to advance scientific discoveries, enable sustainable aviation, address climate change, and much more,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said.

NASA’s LRO finds lunar pits harboring comfortable temperatures

Recent analysis reveals that astronauts could potentially use deep pits on the Moon to shelter from the severity of the lunar surface according to a recent report by NASA.

SR Btest 2
World’s most powerful rocket booster test fired

The world’s most powerful rocket booster was successfully test fired for more than two minutes at a Promontory, Utah test site Thursday.

Neil Armstrong moon landing collectspace com
Today is 53rd anniversary of man walking on the Moon

Man walked on the Moon for the first time on July 20, 1969.

Webb Space Telescope image
NASA releases first image from James Webb Space Telescope

"Webb's First Deep Field is not only the first full-color image from the James Webb Space Telescope, it’s the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe, so far,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

Webb Space Telescope 2
NASA to release first images from the Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is the world's premier space science observatory. NASA hopes that Webb will solve mysteries in our solar system, look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and probe the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place in it.

NASA Marshall Flight Center
Foley firm awarded NASA facilities engineering design, inspection services contract

NASA has awarded a facilities engineering design and inspection Services (FEDIS) II contract to Foley-based Vanguard Pacific LLC. The company will provide architect and engineering design services at the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.

Space Camp from Space Camp Facebook Page
U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp Celebrates 40 Years

This year is the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp’s 40th anniversary.

Artemis ULA nasaspaceflight com
Huntsville’s Artemis I arrives in Florida for second pre-launch test

Huntsville’s Artemis I rocket arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida again Monday morning for its second wet dress rehearsal.

Starliner returns to Earth 2
Starliner returns to Earth completing its mission

“We have had an excellent flight test of a complex system that we expected to learn from along the way and we have,” said Boeing Vice President Mark Nappi. “Thank you to the NASA and Boeing teammates who have put so much of themselves into Starliner.”

Artemis ULA nasaspaceflight com
Huntsville’s most powerful rocket ever heading back to launchpad following several fixes

NASA’s new Artemis I rocket is being prepared for an early June return to its Kennedy Space Center, Florida launchpad for a second attempt to successfully conduct a full vehicle checkout that includes complete propellant fueling and a full-up final countdown rehearsal that will include everything short of firing the 8.8-million-pound thrust rocket engines for liftoff.

Starliner launches into space
Starliner launches to Space Station on uncrewed flight test for NASA

Starliner launched Thursday on an unmanned mission to carry cargo to the International Space Station.

Huntsville Alex Robinson unsplash com
Huntsville named #1 best place to live in the United States

US News voted Huntsville the best place to live in the United States in 2022-2023.

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House subs NASA bill with voting rights act

Looking for a way to bypass Senate filibuster rules, U.S. House of Representatives Democrats have decided to sacrifice a NASA provision...

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NOAA’s GOES-T weather satellite to be launched into space by Alabama-built Atlas V

NASA announced on Monday that the upcoming launch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) GOES-T satellite is...

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James Webb Space Telescope launched

By Brandon Moseley At 6:20 CST on Christmas Day, the James Webb Space Telescope was successfully launched into space from the European...

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The James Webb Space Telescope will launch on Christmas day

By Brandon Moseley The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched on Christmas morning. Bad weather has caused delays in the launch...

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ULA to launch Space Test Program mission for U.S. Space Force

By Brandon Moseley Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL05) congratulated the United Launch Alliance (ULA) on its upcoming launch of a national...

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Alabama Representatives vote against raising the debt ceiling to temporarily fund government

  By Brandon Moseley Alabama Congressmen voted “No” on Thursday on H.R. 6119, a continuing resolution that keeps the government funded...

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Near-total eclipse visible in North America before daybreak Friday

By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor The longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years will occur early on Friday, Nov. 19. The Beaver Moon...

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SpaceX Crew-2 Dragon capsule splashes safely into Gulf of Mexico

After 199 days in space, the SpaceX Crew-2 Dragon Endeavour capsule returned to Earth Monday, with all crew members safe. NASA astronauts...

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First 3D images of Jupiter thanks to probe launched by Alabama company

By Jim McDade Jupiter is both the largest and the oldest of the known planets within our solar system. According to Juno Program Scientist...

File 22554c69 5cb5 4924 a6fe 57a5eb7a43a5
America’s ‘Next Giant Leap’ from Alabama: NASA’s most powerful rocket ever built

By Jim McDade Beginning in 1958, Redstone Arsenal Army engineers in Huntsville were the pioneering rocketeers that America turned to...