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Dick Butkus Giving Rolando Mc Clain Butkus Award Alabama News
Nick Saban speaks on the impression that NFL legend Dick Butkus left on him

Legendary Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus passed away Thursday at the age of 80.

Nick and Terry Saban Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Nick Saban got 'coached up' by Miss Terry after she missed her first Alabama game

Alabama secured a 40-17 victory over Mississippi State in Starkville late Saturday night without the presence of one of their biggest fans.

Nick Saban vs Miss St Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Why an animated Nick Saban showed up against Mississippi State

Saturday’s return of a more intense Nick Saban on the sidelines can be attributed to none other than “Miss Terry.”

Jase Mc Clellan vs Miss St Photo by Mississippi State Athletics Alabama News
Saban: Mississippi State will pose a tougher challenge than Ole Miss

According to Saban, Alabama has to turn around and play the better team that participates in the Egg Bowl, Mississippi State.

Lane Kiffin Twitter Ole Miss FB Alabama News
Finebaum: 'Lane Kiffin will not succeed Nick Saban, nor will Lane Kiffin ever beat Nick Saban'

Paul Finebaum was not impressed with Lane Kiffin’s performance Saturday in a 24-10 loss to Alabama.

Nick Saban and Mike Leach Photo by Mississippi State Athletics Alabama News
Saban reflects on the late Mike Leach ahead of Mississippi State matchup: 'He was different, but in a good way'

When Alabama squares off against Mississippi State in Starkville this Saturday, there will be a significant change from last year’s matchup.

Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin Pregame Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Saban dismisses Kiffin’s comments about Alabama defense — Says Kevin Steele 'has all the defensive coordinator responsibilities'

In his Monday press briefing, Nick Saban debunked the speculation raised by Lane Kiffin regarding Alabama's defense being coordinated by defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson.

Deion Sanders, Nick Saban Alabama News
Deion Sanders: 'I love and I adore and I respect' Nick Saban

During a sit-down interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," Coach Prime was asked who he thought was the best coach in college football.

Saban on Practice Field From Alabama Football Facebook Page Alabama News
Saban puts an end to the retirement chatter — 'It's kind of laughable'

In his first appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Nick Saban wasted no time quashing a big rumor.

Nick Saban Practice Field USF Week Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Saban brushes off comments about Alabama's dynasty dying: 'I don't really pay attention to any of it'

Alabama’s double-digit loss to Texas last Saturday has sparked the talk of Alabama’s dynasty being over.

Tommy Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville pumps brakes on Alabama football's decline — 'They'll be fine'

Although many talking heads have suggested the end is near for Alabama's dominance in the college football world following the home loss to Texas over the weekend, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) doesn't see it happening just yet.

Nick Saban vs Texas Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Saban: 'I believe in our players'

In last Saturday’s 34-24 loss to the Texas Longhorns, not much went the way that Nick Saban had anticipated.

Deion Coach Prime Sanders Photo by Derek Marckel Alabama News
Finebaum explores the possibility of Deion Sanders succeeding Saban at Alabama

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum made an appearance on ESPN's “Matt Barrie Show” and was asked about the possibility of Sanders becoming Saban's successor.

Eli Gold Hey Coach Facebook/ua.ctsn Alabama News
ESPN's 'GameDay' features Eli Gold comeback piece: 'Football is upon us, and that's the best medicine I could've had'

Last week, Alabama played what would be considered a warm-up game before the season’s first big test on Saturday against Texas. The scenario is no different from the Crimson Tide’s legendary play-by-play announcer Eli Gold.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban, right, looks on as offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin calls a play on the sidelines Alabama News
Saban apologizes to reporter for sarcastic response; Kiffin asks 'You feeling ok Coach?'

During his Wednesday night press conference, Nick Saban took a minute to issue an apology to the way he answered a question after last Saturday’s 56-7 win over Middle Tennessee State. 

Jalen Milroe MTSU Game Week Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Report: Jalen Milroe slated to be the starting quarterback in Alabama's season opener

Nick Saban has finally taken the cake out of the oven.

Saban on 'Hey Coach,' 8/31/2023 Alabama News
Saban: Crimson Tide shown signs of having 'right stuff' — but 'I don't know if this team is talented enough to win a championship'

During his first appearance this season on his weekly radio show "Hey Coach," Nick Saban provided a candid opinion of this year's team when asked by an audience member to compare this team to past championship teams.

Tim Brando Twitter Tim Brando Alabama News
Tim Brando accuses Saban of bullying local media for withholding depth chart

After deciding to break a 16-year-old tradition by not releasing a depth chart, Saban has created a different kind of buzz and even has Fox Sports commentator Tim Brando upset.

Jalen Milroe Fall Practice Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Alabama's Tyler Booker weighs in on who the starting quarterback will be: 'We don't know'

Less than a week away from the season opener against Middle Tennessee State and Alabama has still yet to name a starting quarterback.

Nick Saban Spring 02 Facebook Alabama FTBL Alabama News
Saban decides not to release depth chart ahead of season opener: 'It creates a lot of distractions'

Since taking over the head coaching job at Alabama in 2007, Nick Saban has always released a depth chart the Monday before the first game.

Nick Saban Fall Scrimmage Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Alabama freshman quarterback earns praise from Saban as starter decision still looms

Saturday, Alabama concluded its second and final scrimmage of the Fall with questions about the quarterback position still left unanswered.

Ty Simpson Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Nick Saban's statement to Alabama quarterbacks: 'Force us to play you'

During his Tuesday press conference, Nick Saban was asked again about the quarterback competition.

Eli Gold Nick Saban Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Saban 'happy' to have Eli Gold back in the broadcast booth — 'I love Eli'

Alabama fans, as well as head coach Nick Saban, are excited for Gold to be back in the booth. Wednesday during his press conference, Saban voiced what Gold means to him and the Alabama football program.

SEC Network Paul Finebaum Twitter Finebaum Alabama News
Finebaum expresses a 'high level of confidence' in Alabama making the College Football Playoffs

SEC Network college football analyst Paul Finebaum has strong faith in Nick Saban’s ability to restore Alabama to their customary excellence in 2023.

Nick Saban4 Facebook Alabama FTBL Alabama News
Saban on potential loss of traditions caused by conference realignment: 'It's sad'

Opening weekend for college football is under a month away and fall camps are in full swing, but last week conference realignment stole the show. 

Nick Saban Fall Practice Twitter AlabamaFTBL Alabama News
Saban not ready to 'take the cake out of the oven' on the Alabama quarterback battle

Fall camp officially began for the Alabama football team on Thursday, and with the season opener against Middle Tennessee State just four weeks away, the Alabama quarterback battle is still ongoing.

Saban Tubs Alabama News
'He's all-in on it': Tuberville touts Saban support for NIL legislation

The so-called Name Image Likeness (NIL) issue has plagued college athletics since the federal courts determined NCAA member colleges violated antitrust law by disallowing members from providing athletes with unlimited, in-kind educational benefits.

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