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Rise to the Moment of Truth Friday, July 12, 2024

Posts by Daniel Taylor

Miller stricklend Alabama News
Former HD27 candidate Bill Stricklend endorses Alan Miller in runoff

The primary runoff election for House District 27 is a week away, and candidate Alan Miller just picked up a key last-minute endorsement.

tuberville Alabama News
'Buying votes': Tuberville hammers Biden for canceling another round of student loan debt — 'They’ve divided us and they’ve dumbed us down'

President Joe Biden announced early this month his plan to cancel another round of student loans totaling roughly $7.4 billion.

Agent Ken Valentine Alabama News
'Cheating Death': Former Secret Service agent talks about career protecting three U.S. presidents, how to lead 'abundant' life

Before working in the Alabama banking industry and security solutions, Ken Valentine served in the U.S. Secret Service for 24 years. During that time, he helped protect three different presidents, ready to take a bullet for them at a moment's notice.

Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville 'disgusted' with Republicans for failing to force closing of southern border — 'It is going to be devastating to these next few generations'

Even with President Donald Trump back in the White House, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said Thursday on “I’m Right” with Jesse Kelley that the damage is already done, referring to the millions of illegals now residing in the U.S. as the “most devastating thing” to happen in his lifetime.

JSU cannabis panel Alabama News
Marijuana experts slam companies suing AMCC for delaying medical cannabis program — 'The system is being hijacked'

The six marijuana experts spoke at the “Rollin' Out Medical Cannabis” forum to commemorate the school’s new cannabis studies curriculum.

Mayorkas Alabama News
Britt, Aderholt, Palmer, Tuberville decry U.S. Senate's rejection of Mayorkas impeachment — 'It’ll be a lasting disservice to our Republic'

On Wednesday, the effort to impeach U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to secure the southern border was rejected in the Senate after the House voted to move ahead with the legal proceedings.

Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville questions Air Force Sec. Kendall on why MH-139 helicopter buy cut in half

On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) questioned Air Force officials about their budget requests for the upcoming defense bill, in particular, why the number of MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopters had been cut in half.

marshall bomber wl Alabama News
AG Marshall: Alleged bombing suspect was motived by anti-conservative beliefs — He 'proclaimed his allegiance to Antifa'

Whether it was meant to kill or simply send a message, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall told Newsmax on Monday there’s no doubt the suspect who detonated a bomb outside Marshall’s Montgomery office in February was motivated by radical leftist beliefs.

Alabama political news Eric conn Alabama News
New Christendom Press CEO Eric Conn: Why are Alabama churches ineffective at stopping cultural chaos?

Alabama has a lot of conservatives and a lot of churches, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep degenerate ideologies from getting a foothold in the culture.

Burgett robert Alabama News
Recently retired Homewood finance director arrested for alleged theft of city funds

Robert Burgett, the former finance director for the City of Homewood, was arrested Tuesday on felony theft by deception charges related to the alleged misappropriation of municipal funds.

Dobson Alabama News
AL-2 hopeful Caroleene Dobson: ‘We’ve got to get President Trump back in the White House’ to undo Biden's damage

From rampant inflation, failing foreign policy and a crisis at the southern border, candidate for the Republican nomination in the second congressional district Caroleene Dobson said America was heading in the wrong direction "in just about every way possible" under its current leadership.

Alabama christian coalition Alabama News
Christian Coalition of Alabama issues voting guide Q&A for AL-2 primary runoff

The Christian Coalition of Alabama recently released its first voting guide for the 2024 election cycle, focusing on the newly drawn second congressional district.

Alabama political news brooks Alabama News
Mo Brooks slams ALGOP for not pushing closed primaries — 'It is an abject surrender to the socialists'

Brooks said voters need to “get smarter” and elect better leaders. However, one major hurdle to that is open primaries.

Alan Miller v. Jeana Ross Alabama News
Ross, Miller celebrate primary support heading into HD27 GOP runoff

The threat of severe weather may have kept some voters from turning out for Tuesday’s special GOP primary election for House District 27, but candidates Jeana Ross and Alan Miller said they were pleased with the support they each received, which was enough to advance them into a runoff.

Miller v ross Alabama News
Special GOP primary for HD27 goes to runoff between Jeana Ross and Alan Miller

The special Republican primary election will go to a run-off since none of the six candidates received more than 50% of the vote Tuesday. The top two candidates, Jeana Ross and Alan Miller, will go head-to-head on April 30.

Rafferty Alabama News
State Rep. Rafferty to CNN: Alabama public school gender identity, sexual orientation restrictions prohibit classroom discussion of George and Martha Washington

Legislative efforts to expand on sexual orientation and gender identity instruction in K-12 public school classrooms continue to draw the ire of Democrats mourning the death of "inclusive discussions."

Chris McKenna Alabama News
Founder of Protect Young Eyes Chris McKenna helps draft bill to filter graphic content on smartphones — 'Default protection, that should be automatic'

McKenna has been working with states, including Alabama, to draft legislation that would require phones, tablets and other technologies to come standard with content filters for kids enabled as the default.

HD27 candidates Alabama News
HD27 GOP candidates answer questions on gambling, woke policies, IVF ahead of next week's special primary election

The State Legislature has already dealt with several hot-button issues like school choice and banning DEI this session, but whoever takes over the seat will have plenty of work left to do when they take office.

Michelle Marie Bradshaw Alabama News
Alleged 'super liberal' attacker of HD27 candidate Billy Ray Todd identified

The identity of the “super liberal” woman accused of attacking Republican House District 27 candidate Billy Ray Todd at a Walmart in Arab Tuesday has been released.

billy ray todd attacked Alabama News
GOP HD27 candidate Billy Ray Todd claims he was attacked by 'super liberal' while campaigning — 'She was coming for my face'

Todd sustained a couple of bloody scratches on his arm, apparently from where the woman grabbed him during the struggle.

naacp town hall Alabama News
Alabama NAACP condemns Ivey for signing 'racist' DEI ban — 'We will not allow slavers to strip us from learning our rich history'

The Alabama NAACP issued a statement Monday condemning Gov. Kay Ivey for signing the recent diversity, equity and inclusion ban into law.

Domesticatrix Alabama News
Trans punk rockers: Inside the Birmingham Public Library's 'Loud at the Library' program

There have been three events at the library with three bands each since the biannual program began last January, and each show included at least one band featuring a transgender or queer-identifying member. 

Dustin Kittle v Biden Alabama News
'I've asked for the manager' — Farmer in legal battle with Alabama Farm Credit sues President Biden to fill vacant seats on US Farm Credit Admin board

Kittle hopes that filling the two open seats will help resolve his legal issues with his former lender, who he claims is guilty of corruption and extorting its clients.

punk show Alabama News
Watch: Birmingham Public Library hosts 'punk' show; Chaos ensues

Libraries are typically quiet, subdued places for people to read and study, however, it was hard to even hear yourself think at the Birmingham Public Library last Friday as a rowdy crowd gathered for the Loud at the Library Spring Break Punk show.

Corey DeAngelis Alabama News
National school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis praises CHOOSE Act — 'A rising tide that lifts all boats'

Corey DeAngelis, a self-described school choice “evangelist,” sat down with 1819 News CEO Bryan Dawson on a recent episode of “1819 News: The Podcast” to give a history of the school choice movement and put to rest fears that it could negatively impact public schools.

Britt Alabama News
Britt slams Biden, Schumer for undermining Israel during Mark Levin appearance — 'It's totally unacceptable for America to turn its back on its ally'

Biden recently praised a speech Schumer gave last Thursday when he blamed Netanyahu for being a hindrance to peace in the ongoing war against the terrorist group Hamas. Biden has since tried to persuade Netanyahu against moving ground forces into Rafah despite Israel’s claims of its strategic importance for wiping out Hamas.

Tuberville Alabama News
Media meltdown over Tuberville calling Democrats 'satanic' — 'I mean every word'

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) recently offered a theory that has sent Democrats and liberal media outlets into a meltdown.

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