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Britt and Halperin Alabama News
Newsmax’s Mark Halperin predicts Katie Britt as Trump's VP pick: 'She speaks fluent MAGA'

Newsmax’s Mark Halperin suggested on Monday that Britt would add a lot of value to Trump’s ticket by being able to spread that MAGA message to big city suburbs.

Aderholt Alabama News
Aderholt promotes bill supporting pregnant college students — 'It is imperative that our institutions of higher education fully support women'
Alabama political news - Tankersly Alabama News
Dr. Stewart Tankersley warns of WHO plan to seize control for next pandemic — 'What they’re planning for us is not for freedom'

Dr. Stewart Tankersley has been on a mission to let people know just how damaging the decisions made in response to COVID have been and to hold those companies and government officials accountable. 

Ainsworth Alabama News
Ainsworth announces endorsement for House District 27 — 'I am going all-in to elect Jeana Ross'

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth hopes to have a say in who takes over his old House seat. On Tuesday, he officially endorsed former Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education Secretary Jeana Ross in the special election for House District 27, which he held from 2014-2018.

George Ross Miller Alabama News
Stacy George, Jeana Ross, Alan Miller announce bids for House District 27 seat vacated by State Senator-elect Wes Kitchens — 'I'd be crazy not to run'

Less than two days after being defeated by State Senator-elect Wes Kitchens (R-Arab) in Tuesday’s Republican primary special election for Senate District 9, former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy George told 1819 News he's ready to get back on the campaign trail for House District 27.

Tuberville with Staggs Alabama News
Tuberville endorses Utah GOP candidate for Romney's soon-to-be vacant Senate seat

With U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) retiring, the battle for his seat is already heating up. On Monday, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) helped fan the flames by endorsing GOP candidate Trent Staggs in the race.

Trump wins Iowa Alabama News
Tuberville, Britt, Carl, Moore applaud Trump's 'decisive victory' in Iowa caucus — 'Time to make Joe Biden a one-term president'

Former President Donald Trump won a decisive victory in Iowa’s GOP primary caucus on Monday, beating out the other top contenders with 51% of the total vote.

Moon v saban Alabama News
From 'Saban’s reputation is mostly hype' to 'Saban for US Senate' — APR's Moon does 180 on legendary Alabama football coach

Nearly everyone in Alabama was a Nick Saban fan last Wednesday after he announced his plans to retire as the Crimson Tide’s head coach. Even those who previously hated on Saban, like Alabama Political Reporter's Josh Moon, got on the bandwagon that day.

Scott dawson Alabama News
Kanye West, tornadoes and COVID-19: Ensley native Scott Dawson details 'rocky road' that led to massive growth of evangelistic ministry

Scott Dawson was born in Ensley, with just over 7,000 residents today. He now leads the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association (SDEA), which hosts conferences and events that regularly draw thousands of students nationwide.

Red Sea Alabama News
Britt: Strike on Iran-backed rebel group in Yemen ‘long overdue’ to reestablish deterrence in Red Sea

While some are concerned tensions in the Middle East could escalate into World War III, U.S. Sen. Katie Britt said the recent strikes were “long overdue” to reestablish deterrence in the area.

Kitchens Alabama News
Kitchens claims Senate District 9 seat in Tuesday’s special election

State Rep. Wes Kitchens (R-Arab) emerged victorious on Tuesday in the three-way special election for Senate District 9.

Tuberville Alabama News
'On the brink' of World War III: Tuberville issues dire warning as Iran ramps up nuclear program

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is warning of another world war after learning Iran ramped up its nuclear program at the same time U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was secretly hospitalized.

Givhan Alabama News
State Sen. Givhan doubtful stand-alone lottery, casino gambling bill will pass in 2024

Though some are pointing to 2024 as the year some type of gambling or lottery bill is passed, State Sen. Sam Givhan (R-Huntsville) has his doubts.

Rivas Alabama News
Honduran native, founder of Personal Touch, Inc. achieves American Dream in Alabama — 'God has been good'

With high inflation, rampant illegal immigration and heightened political tensions, the American Dream may seem like a thing of the past for many struggling to get by. But Honduran native JR Rivas is living proof that the U.S. is still the land of opportunity and success can still be achieved in the Yellowhammer State.

Alabama Farm Credit HQ in Cullman Alabama News
Alabama Farm Credit withdraws suit against former borrower after judge denies injunction request — Says filing 'a thinly-veiled effort to intimidate me and others from telling the truth'

A U.S. District judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Alabama Farm Credit against former borrower Dustin Kittle as the latest fight in the ongoing legal battle between the two came to a head over the New Year’s holiday weekend.

aderholt Alabama News
Aderholt to join House Speaker Johnson on trip to southern border — 'The crisis has grown by the day'

U.S. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) is starting off the new year with a trip to the U.S. Southern border.

Kitchens Flyer Alabama News
AEA campaign mailers hit mailboxes as teachers' union backs Wes Kitchens in Senate District 9

With just a few weeks left to campaign, the Alabama Education Association has chosen State Rep. Wes Kitchens (R-Arab) as its preferred candidate for Senate District 9.

Afc kittle Alabama News
Alabama Farm Credit hits former borrower with lawsuit over 'online smear campaign'

After months of controversy, Alabama Farm Credit is hitting back against former borrower Dustin Kittle for statements he made about the lender accusing it of corruption and extortion.

School Choice Alabama News
Where do SD9 candidates line up on school choice, AEA contributions?

Governor Kay Ivey has committed to making education savings accounts a priority during the 2024 regular legislative session, but whoever wins the special election for Senate District 9 could play a significant role in shaping any potential school choice bill.

Marshall County Courthouse in Guntersville Alabama News
Marshall County facing 'marathon election year' in 2024 with up to 8 potential elections

With a race for Alabama Senate District 9 and the White House in 2024, Marshall County Probate Judge Andrea Lecroy is preparing for a “marathon election year” that could include up to eight elections.

Tuberville Alabama News
Tuberville: Biden’s poor leadership projects weakness abroad — ‘We’re not the big dog anymore’

When it comes to dealing with the war in Ukraine, attacks on Israel or protecting America’s interests at home and abroad, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said thanks to President Joe Biden's lack of leadership, "we play from a weak position.”

Gregg Phillips Alabama News
'2000 Mules' producer Gregg Phillips warns of 'millions' of ineligible voters on rolls for 2024 — 'We already know that we’re walking into a trainwreck'

Since helping produce the hit documentary “2000 Mules” about exposing cracks and corruption in the mail-in ballot system during the 2020 election, True the Vote’s Gregg Phillips has been the target of political prosecution and lawfare, which landed him in jail for refusing to give up his sources in his investigations.

D9s Alabama News
Senate District 9 candidates oppose gambling expansion — 'No matter what chamber I’m in, I don’t plan on changing my vote'

Gambling will likely be a big issue again in the State Legislature next session, but it looks like Senate District 9 will be a “no” vote on any related bills no matter who wins the seat.

Devil's Playground Alabama News
Podcaster investigating mysterious compound in Hayden woods discovers doctor who practiced there three years after losing his license

Through talking with locals and researching information gleaned from those documents and records requests, Webb learned the building was likely used as some type of group home at one point run by four people.

J.D. Crowe trump britt cartoon Alabama News
AL(dot)com's Crowe takes sexist jab at Katie Britt — 'Who knew Britt had a thing for treasonous wanna-be dictators?'

After a months-long hiatus, Al(dot)com’s political cartoonist J.D. Crowe has returned to his duties with a sexist cartoon aimed at criticizing U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) for endorsing Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

Alabama Farm Credit HQ in Cullman Alabama News
Alabama Farm Credit denies wrongdoing as more former borrowers come forward with complaints — 'It was total hell with them'

Months after Geraldine native Dustin Kittle publicly accused Alabama Farm Credit (AFC) of extortion and mishandling borrower’s loans, the rural lender issued a statement to its customers denying all allegations of wrongdoing.

legends drag show Alabama News
'Holly Jolly Drag Show' in Albertville draws little protest; Organizer celebrates 'phenomenal' event: 'We stood toe to toe with the Catholics, the Baptists'

Despite calls for protests and online threats, the Holly Jolly Drag Show in Albertville occurred without incident Friday night as over 200 people turned out for the event.

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