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Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: A love of self, a love of state

Despite politically charged calls for packing the court, I don’t believe we’re witnessing a Constitutional crisis at all; recent SCOTUS rulings actually assert that our system works when judicial activism is left idling in the minority. That will work for people on both sides of the aisle if we have patience to let it. However, I do believe that what we’re witnessing is a crisis of a love of self and a love of statism.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Let's start with the truth

The worst thing about abortion? It’s not just that 60 million lives have been lost. It’s also the wretched lies that we’ve believed.

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks Democrat interest in issues that don't seem to resonate with the average voter on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss Democrat interest in issues that don't seem to resonate with the average voter, the potential Democrat generational loss of the political center and the strange circumstances in the primary election runoff challenges.

Ray melick Alabama News
Ray Melick: Supreme Court returns the debate to the democratic process, where it always belonged

For those Republicans or Conservative who had trouble voting for Donald Trump in 2016, but did because they hoped his biggest contribution would be on the Supreme Court … This last week has been for you.

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats Alabama News
Joey Clark: Looking for the ladder

If a society grounded in ordered liberty is to be sustained, it must also be based on a humble uncertainty about the course of human history. Rather than jumping from beginning to end, the living story of man’s onward and upward emancipation is constantly being written as a balancing act between the book covers.

Matt Clark Alabama News
Matt Clark: Coach Kennedy and a bigger win for religious freedom

The Supreme Court has been on fire with fantastic decisions over the last week! In addition to my regular Friday column that addressed the gun-rights case, it was my honor to write another column on Friday discussing the Supreme Court’s greatest decision that came out that morning, in which the Court finally overruled Roe v. Wade! Now I’m usually not a fan of Mondays, but this Monday was an exception as the Supreme Court came out with another watershed decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District.

Phil williams Alabama News
Phil Williams: When SCOTUS brought the 'scunion'

Well, if you were watching the news Friday was a major day. Epic, really! The Supreme Court of the United States did some supreme work overall this past week and Friday capped off some amazing judicial victories for the conservative cause.

Parker snider Alabama News
Parker Snider: Mississippi reducing income tax July 1; will Alabama follow?

Mississippi, like Alabama and other states, has seen a windfall of tax dollars due to high spending and federal stimulus funds. While Alabama legislators have largely determined to spend that money to increase state government, other states like Mississippi are making meaningful tax cuts.

API logo 3 Alabama News
API: Roe rightfully overturned; now the issue is up to legislatures around the country

This does not mean that abortion is now illegal in America. The Supreme Court simply no longer considers it a right that cannot be touched by lawmakers.

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Westminster's best in show

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was on television yesterday when my cousin texted urgently: “Check out that bloodhound!”

Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Freedom from abortion

It’s worth noting that it is extraordinarily unusual for any governmental entity to willingly yield power. The majority of the Court admitted that they wrongly took away power from the people and their legislators and gave it back. Admittedly, it took fifty years and the lives of 63 million innocents before it was returned; we should take note of that as well.

Matt Clark Alabama News
Matt Clark: The Supreme Court's finest moment

Today, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the United States Supreme Court did that for which pro-life advocates had been praying and fighting for nearly fifty years: it overruled Roe v. Wade.

Richard simmons NEWEST Alabama News
Richard Simmons: What is the answer? Reflections after shooting at St. Stephen's

I have been writing weekly blogs since 2014. As I look back, I realize I have written a number of them in response to mass shootings in our country. I have had to edit this blog to include a shooting that took place this past Thursday at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church right here in Birmingham, Alabama. Three members were killed.

Caylah coffeen new Alabama News
Caylah Coffeen: Are you chasing after the good or lingering over the bad?

Running a campaign is essentially crafting a story, with protagonists and villains, problems, quests, and goals for the future. What kind of story sways voters the most these days? Are we seeking the good, or more fascinated by the bad?

Matt Clark Alabama News
Matt Clark: A monumental victory for the Second Amendment and Originalism

On his 74th birthday, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave the Country a great gift: a Supreme Court opinion recognizing that the right to “bear arms shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says.

Newstalk 93 1 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks Jabari Smith and crossover voting on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on News & Views with Joey Clark as they discuss Jabari Smith, Auburn basketball, Tuberville's calling out of the NCAA over Title IX, crossover voting and Alabamians captured by the Russians who were fighting for Ukraine.

Kcarl smith new Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The COVID PLANdemic scare

Last week, I wrote that well-known intellectual and author, Dr. Naomi Wolf, made headlines recently by exposing much of what has been done and is still being done to divide and manipulate Americans through the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic. The formerly reliable supporter of Leftist-Liberal Democrat causes and candidates has changed her perspective after witnessing the truth about the Pandemic Panic. There’s more truth to be told about it than I could fit into one column.

Justin Bogie Headshot Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Alabama lawmakers should be in no rush to spend additional ARPA funds

When Alabama lawmakers came into session in January, one of their first priorities was allocating the first half of Alabama’s $2.1 billion in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. With the second half set to hit the state’s coffers soon, lawmakers should hit the pause button before spending any additional funds. If they don’t, it will cost all Alabamians.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Look at who you're not allowed to criticize

The irony of fact-checkers blocking a quote that multiple sites credit to a variety of speakers – including, perhaps Voltaire - would be funny, if it weren't pathetic. But it’s not.

Ray Melick Alabama News
Ray Melick: Democrats voting Republican - can you blame them?

Let’s be honest: how do you know that someone hasn’t simply changed their minds, the way so many of our Democrat-turned-Republican political leaders have done in this state over the last two decades?

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks the Primary Runoff elections on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the Primary Runoff, the possibility that the competitive Fifth Congressional District runoff may affect the outcome of other races and the apparent requirement in Alabama that candidates have style and substance.

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats Alabama News
Joey Clark: H.L. Mencken explains American idiocracy 100 years ago

“As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: You catch more flies with money

While politics are clearly and incontrovertibly relational, political campaigns have developed into something entirely different. In fact, the political campaign version of, “you can catch more flies with honey” must be, “you can catch more flies with money.”

Governor Kay Ivey Alabama News
Gov. Kay Ivey: Our tourists proved Alabama showed plain common sense

Over the last two years, tourists and vacationers have flocked to Alabama to escape unnecessary restrictions and mandates. They also traveled here in record numbers because Alabama has something for everyone.

Phil williams Alabama News
Phil Williams: Where are the strong men?

Recently a guy named Justin, who said he was 19, called in and asked me on the air, “if hard times create strong men, where are the strong men to lead us out of these hard times?” What a great question!

Kcarl smith new Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Happy Juneteenth!

Short for June 19th, Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, when 250,000 enslaved Black Americans in Galveston, Texas were informed of their freedom by Union soldiers, after the Civil War ended.  

1819 logo Alabama News
Readers react: To voting, Chief Justice Tom Parker, Sean of the South and Sen. Tuberville

“Thank you for your commentary on voting. I have researched the candidates this year as never before. I am appalled at how many don’t seem to understand, ignore or are possibly covering up involvement in the illegal and subversive activities taking place in our country and world.

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