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Gathering Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: 'What can I do?' Simple ways for the average Alabamian to save our state

“How do we get involved? Are there examples of what we can do?” 

drugs money Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Congressional push to restrict negotiating for lower drug prices

With all the divisiveness in American politics and government, there is at least one issue with overwhelming support — almost unanimous. Just about everybody is for lower drug prices.

Parents Child Alabama News
Charles ‘Kip’ Kiplinger: Parents and their influence on the politics of the future

In retrospect, conservatism wasn't something imposed upon me; it evolved because I had two parents who were present, caring, and dedicated to guiding me in the right direction.

kids in school, education Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Let's start putting students first

Let’s stop funding systems and start empowering parents. Let’s start putting students first. 

Tears Alabama News
Kristin Landers: When the holiday season is hard

To say this season has been an emotional one would be an understatement. It’s devastating to watch someone you love in the sunset of their life.

Living Nativity Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Christmas wars 2023 – who won?

The Christmas Wars – at root a worldview conflict between those who want to celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday and those who want to secularize or ignore it – continued this year.

voters voting booth Alabama News
Charles Kiplinger: Continually hyping voter fraud could depress turnout in the 2024 election

Vote as if your city, county, state, and country depend on it – because they do. 

Angry Crowd Alabama News
Joey Clark: 2024, the year of mutually assured destruction in American politics

American democracy keeps killing the thing it theoretically loves – individual liberty – yet American democracy does not die. 

Boxing Day Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: What is ‘Boxing Day,' December 26?

I had never been curious enough to research "Boxing Day,” so all I knew about it was that it was the day after Christmas, December 26.

WWI Truce Alabama News
Phil Williams: The Christmas truce

Christmas has a way of changing things. As surely as the history and faith of the world changed in a lowly Bethlehem manger over 2,000 years ago, there are still moments today that cannot be explained except to say that the spirit of Christmas overcame the worst of circumstances.

Baldwin County Schools Alabama News
Rebecca Watson: An open letter to the Baldwin County Board of Education

"I have many questions about this curriculum, which could easily be answered if you honored my request. The fact that you won’t is interesting, particularly since your own website stresses the importance of parental involvement."

immigration, border Alabama News
KCarl Smith: U.S. immigration – a reflection on freedom

Frederick Douglass stood as the most profound advocate for “legal” immigration. For instance, in an 1867 Boston speech titled "Composite Nation," Douglass welcomed Chinese immigrants as contributors to the nation's wealth and resources... as long as they came legally.

Pilgrims Christmas Alabama News
Will Sellers: The failure of the Pilgrims’ first Christmas

The Pilgrims’ first Christmas in the New World was remarkable, but not for the reasons you’d think. On December...

Manger Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A precious gift

When we have Jesus, the giver of life, truth, peace, comfort, and joy, we have all we need.

Pageant Alabama News
Sean of the South: The nativity

The manger was made of cardboard. It was stuffed with fresh hay. Genuine hay from the hardware store. The Christchild was a naked Cabbage Patch doll from Brianna Smith’s personal collection. Orange yarn for hair. Jesus was a redhead.

Child abuse, child trafficking Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: Setting the captives free at Christmas

While we fill our weekend with holly jolly, coupling it with holy reverence, it’s important to remember why Christ came: to set the captives free.

20130808 Sutter Daniel 9962 Studio HS Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: School choice and its impact on the RSA

I find Dr. David Bronner’s opposition to school choice surprising given the RSA’s commitment to Alabama economic development through investments.

Taylor Swift Alabama News
Nick Treglia: Taylor Swift and the pendulum swings of culture

Ultimately, changing the culture is a temporary solution; what we need are people insulated from it, whose lives and views are unaffected no matter which way the pendulum swings.

Hugh Freeze Alabama News
Daniel Locke: Hugh Freeze was the man Auburn needed on the recruiting trail

Hugh Freeze wasted no time recruiting when he first got to Auburn. He has been the program's head coach for over a year now, and those efforts have not stopped.

Barry Moore Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Barry Moore: The NDAA — another D.C. dish du jour

If the only way to get a bill passed through a Republican-majority House is to get a majority of the Democrats to also vote for it, then you can be 100% certain it’s full of unsavory ingredients that will trample your freedoms and spend more of your hard-earned tax dollars on a woke, weaponized and wasteful agenda.  

Migrants Alabama News
Allen Keller: Cultural insanity and the U.S. southern border

How far are we willing to go to prove that up isn’t down, that water is wet or air is dry, that abiding the law is better than breaking it?   

Iowa Capitol Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: A different kind of ‘Goat Hill’ at the Iowa State Capitol

The Alabama State Capitol is colloquially known as “Goat Hill” because the building was constructed on a pasture where goats once grazed. In recent weeks, however, the Iowa State Capitol took that pet-name for itself after allowing the Satanic Temple of Iowa to display a statue of Baphomet.

Dickens christmas carol Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Things have changed since Charles Dickens’ 'A Christmas Carol' 180 years ago

December 19 is the 180th anniversary of the publication of “A Christmas Carol.” A lot has changed since then

DEI Alabama News
Joey Clark: DEI denies the gifts of personal honor and dignity

DEI demands the unearned, rewarding its acolytes a resentful license to carry out collective punishment and unequal treatment in the name of equal justice.  

TP Alabama News
Phil Williams: The land of ultra soft smooth tear poo paper

The poo industry is big business in the U.S. Are we spoiled?

Advent Wreath Alabama News
John W. Giles: Advent and the whimsical nature of Christmas

In the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day, churches that observe ancient liturgy light candles each week of Advent, all of which have significant meaning.

Christmas Cookies Alabama News
Ashley Carter: In the kitchen at Christmas

From the first chop to the final dish and every playful moment in between, our shared kitchen recipes become more than a seasonal tradition; they celebrate the strong bonds that define us and the legacy we continue to build.

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