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Separation of church and state Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Understanding the separation of church and state

Despite the father of our country’s admonition and caution, many Americans have a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of religion in our country and society.

AL Capitol Brian Moats Alabama News
Joey Clark: 8 bold predictions on the future of Alabama politics

Though I possess no special gift of foresight, allow me to venture a few small predictions about the future of Alabama politics. 

API Phil Williams Alabama News
Phil Williams: America deserves the best of the best

You may have heard of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous explorer who launched a mission to explore Antarctica over a century ago. I have read that the outcome of his Antarctic mission was deemed both a great failure and one of the greatest human achievements ever. Legend has it that when Shackleton was looking for men, he didn't want any galavanters or dandies, so he ran a very blunt ad that said precisely what was needed.

Oak Tree Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The oak tree

There once sat a tall oak tree on the very top of the property owned by my family. I distinctly remember it as a child. It was tall and majestic — one of those things you could never forget. My grandparents had farmed the land and kept it up, so while there for the summers, I spent many days around that tree. 

Tim James Alabama News
Tim James: Rosh Hashanah – ‘Tis the season of transition

I write this letter to you, the people of Alabama, as a warning to those who serve on governmental mountains and to the Church, meaning my fellow Christians. 

Uconn Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Student at a lousy football college

I attended the University of Connecticut, located in the middle-of-nowhere town of Storrs. Which we all referred to as “Snores” since it was a boring place with nothing to do.

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Jefferson, Alabama

Jefferson, Alabama, is the epitome of small. The population here isn’t big enough to form a decent baseball team.

Business concepts, cutting tax stock photo Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Lower taxes, better education are keys to attracting business to Alabama, not incentives

The Alabama Jobs Act is set to expire on July 31, 2023, meaning that economic incentives could be a major topic during next year’s regular legislative session. 

Constitution American Flag theusconstitution org Alabama News
Matt Clark: The evangelical case for originalism

If you don’t know what originalism is, it’s the view that the Constitution should be interpreted according to its words as they were understood at the time of its ratification.

Baseball MLB Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Democrat elites vs. black baseball players and fans

Some of the best baseball players to ever grace the diamond were denied entry to the Major Leagues solely because they were African-American. Instead, they performed in the “Negro Leagues,” in the shadows of the Majors, until 1947.

Child Psychiatry scpctms com Alabama News
Diana Crews: Parents need to opt their kids out of Biden's Unity Agenda

We are seeing the government create wars in the minds of our children.

Covid-19 Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The COVID-19 lies are crumbling

One Sunday afternoon last September, we wrested control from an unaccountable government. That day in a packed ballroom, we learned how to combat COVID lies. 

1819 March Portraits 27 Alabama News
1819 News Reporter Craig Monger talks the prisoner beating caught on video on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Reporter Craig Monger on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss the prisoner beating caught on video at the Elmore Correctional Facility and conditions in the prisons.

Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
1819 News Contributor Stephanie Holden Smith talks lockdown learning loss on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Listen to 1819 News Contributor Stephanie Holden Smith on News & Views with Joey Clark as they discuss lockdown learning loss in children and recent FOIA revelations that teacher unions heavily influenced CDC school lockdown and masking policies.

Children in masks for COVID by Kelly Sikkema Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Will the post-COVID education crisis create a demand for school choice?

Recent results from the National Center for Education Progress show severe learning losses during the pandemic and the (over)response to it.

I Stock 1331672343 Alabama News
Joey Clark: The spirit of Babel

State power is little more than a scourge sapping the people’s peace and prosperity and has been manifest in many cruel and unusual forms time immemorial. “Babel” has been built and scattered over the face of the whole earth many times before.

AL State House Lon Worley Alabama News
Phil Williams: You need to be involved in the legislative process — A 'How to' Guide

While it's crucial to remind citizens of their civic duty and to embolden individuals to contact their representatives and join other initiatives to enact change, it is also imperative to equip them to do so and to do it well. 

I Stock 1361757920 Alabama News
Emma Gibney: ESG and the collapse of the free market

Last month, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall joined 19 other states in a letter to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, challenging BlackRock’s use of ESG as investment criteria when managing state pension funds. 

I Stock 905038392 Alabama News
Phil Williams: Stand up, speak up

There is a true movement afoot to stifle speech. If we cannot speak freely and are not allowed to stand in the midst of our moments and say those things that we believe then we really aren’t free at all.

Dumplings Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Chicken and dumplings — The secret ingredient (love!)

Memaw’s kitchen, with the smell of love and hard work, greeted you as soon as you came in the door. Every holiday or special occasion, we knew we could look forward to a big pot full of goodness known as chicken and dumplings.

AP Collage Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Politicians off-camera

As someone who has met and interviewed dozens of politicians in my career, I’m often asked what these people are really like. It’s not too often you get a peek behind the curtain, as many are always in campaign mode.

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Cheaha

Today, I am no longer the little boy whose father died by suicide. I am a man now. A man whose life ambition is to help others who have fallen.

Alabama Capitol photo by Lon Worley Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Excuses are easy — Meaningful policy change takes bold leadership

As summer turns to fall, the drumbeat for the Alabama Legislature to enact meaningful tax reform legislation has picked up its pace. But there is still no action — only discussion of temporary relief and the same old excuses as to why long-term reforms will be challenging to pursue.

Dad w kids Alabama News
ACLL's Matt Clark urges fathers to stick up for children in VA’s crosshairs

This June, the U.S. Supreme Court did something which many of us had been praying for many years: It overruled Roe v. Wade. Now, the States are finally free to protect life. But as always, evil finds a way to push back.

Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
1819 News Contributor Stephanie Holden Smith talks cancel culture on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Contributor Stephanie Holden Smith on Midday Mobile with Sean Sullivan as they discuss freedom of speech, self-censorship, cancel culture and federal government authoritarianism.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver Alabama News
1819 News Contributor Amie Beth Shaver talks SEL on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Listen to 1819 News Contributor Amie Beth Shaver on News & Views with Joey Clark as they discuss social and emotional learning (SEL), which is a means to enforce CRT, which has its roots in Marxism.

voting box Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Our rights rest in three boxes

Before and during the U.S. Civil War, Frederick Douglass was known as the leading voice in our country for abolishing slavery and for recognizing the God-given rights of black Americans. Lost to many of us today is his deep respect for the U.S. Constitution, which our founders wrote and enacted to establish our country to secure the God-given freedom and rights of all Americans.

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