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1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats Alabama News
Joey Clark: Katie Britt's ambition should be made of sterner stuff

I hope Katie Britt is chuckling to herself. Her decision to decline to debate Mo Brooks under the circus big top before the June 21 run-off election for US Senate is both politically savvy and downright hilarious for those of us with a warped Machiavellian sense of humor.

Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Politics as a contact sport

People tend to make jokes and judgements about lawyers, politicians, and lobbyists being liars and/or living without personal scruples; politics does indeed seem to breed some more than capable fish-story-tellers. 

Parker snider Alabama News
Parker Snider: State auditor heading to runoff; what does the auditor do?

On primary night, State Representative Andrew Sorrell and pastor Stan Cooke received enough votes to advance to the June runoff in the race to become the Republican nominee for State Auditor. So, what exactly are they running for? What does the state auditor do? And maybe, more importantly, what does our state auditor not do?

Phil williams Alabama News
Phil Williams: We need the church to speak

Life has standards, at every turn. Actual standards once clearly defined are supposed to matter because, if they don’t matter, then we have no institutions of … well, anything. So why then is it okay for the Christian church to keep taking it on the chin without saying anything about it? You didn’t see that question coming did you?

1819 logo Alabama News
Readers' React: To four more years of Ivey and Durant's issues with campaigns

"So, when I pay $75-100.00 to fill up my service vehicle, paying the $2-3.00 extra in gas taxes doesn’t even register compared to the pain of the doubling of gas prices. I don’t even consider the additional gas tax. But you can believe I think about our Democrat friends, and President Biden - the founder of the pain that you are quick to blame our state leaders for. ..."

Richard simmons NEWEST Alabama News
Richard Simmons: Is your child perfect?

Recently in The Washington Post, there was an article on how perfectionism is destroying our young adults’ mental health. Parents are pushing their children to build the perfect college resume. It is one thing to be a conscientious high achiever, but it is another to be an unhealthy perfectionist.

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Homegrown tomatoes

If there is a pleasure more marvelous than homegrown tomatoes, it’s probably illegal. And I don’t want to know about it since I come from Baptists who don’t do illegal things because it could lead to a life of secular music.

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks his recent interview with Mike Durant on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on Midday Mobile with Sean Sullivan as they discuss Ray's recent interview with Mike Durant, the influence of Super PACs and the Alabama Secretary of State's assertion that MyPillow's Mike Lindell has no credibility.

Matt Clark Alabama News
Matt Clark: Free Speech and the right to say 'No' to promoting sin

This Tuesday, the Alabama Center for Law and Liberty filed a brief in perhaps the most important case involving the free exercise of religion that we have seen in a very long time. Strangely, to maximize its chance of success, it had to be framed as a free speech case. But however one frames it, this case involves the question that Christians have been wanting to know since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage: Does the Constitution protect my right not to promote it?

Caylah coffeen new Alabama News
Caylah Coffeen: Deterrence through the justice of God

As we deal with the aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Texas, we also face predictable and insensitively timed cries for gun control. I’ve always been surprised and bothered that Conservatives don’t respond with their own policy suggestions. In the face of such wickedness, when our laws seem to fail at deterring crime, we must ask what needs to change and return to the source of our principles: God’s justice.

Newstalk 93 1 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks his interview with Durant and the U.S. Senate runoff on News Talk 93.1 News & Views

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on News & Views with Joey Clark as they discuss their respective interviews with Mike Durant, the U.S. Senate runoff and the pending release of John Hinckley Jr.

Will blakely Alabama News
Will Blakely: With so much information at our fingertips, the more questions we need to ask

We can’t rely on formal education to teach us everything we need to know, nor can we take what we see on the news or read on Facebook at face value. We must educate ourselves.

Kcarl smith new Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Let the children alone!

State Farm quickly withdrew its support for a program, The Gender Pool Project, which pushed books about sexual identity to preschoolers. The Left are trying to shape our children’s moral behavior. Do not be mistaken, State Farm did not pull its support because they recognized the error of its ways. They only did so because Consumers’ Research called them out in a successful ‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’ ad campaign.

Will Sellers Alabama News
Will Sellers: Saint Hannah and her sinner son

Nixon even called Alabama Governor George Wallace to enlist his support, but Wallace refused to intervene on his behalf with members of the Alabama congressional delegation and other Boll Weevil Democrats. After the call with Wallace, Nixon turned to Chief of Staff Alexander Haig and said, “Well, Al, there goes the presidency.”  And so, the true “man in the arena,” faced the final curtain all alone.

1819 Amie Beth Shaver Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Homeschool

Do you have your kids' textbooks or access them no matter your school situation? Are you reading what they're reading? Do you know their teachers? Are you talking through what they're learning? Are you prepared to challenge your child, equipping them to defend their beliefs - even in private or Christian schools? Are you doing this?

Will blakely Alabama News
Will Blakely: The guardian against misinformation is thinking, not government

We have to be wary of deliberate lies and unintentional misunderstandings, which seem to be prevalent everywhere we turn.

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks crossover voting by Democrats in the Republican Primary on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Ray Melick on The Jeff Poor Show as they discuss crossover voting by Democrats in last week's Republican Primary and the appearance that conservative Alabama doesn't seem to have a fiscally conservative Republican Party.

1819 Joey Clark Brian Moats Alabama News
Joey Clark: Orwell's lost wager on democracy and socialism

Orwell’s plausible assessment of majority opinion aside, could it not also be said that the trouble with democratic elections is that somebody wins them? Which is worse for the losers: the free competition of the market or the outcomes of democratic elections? Which of the two is truly more dog-eat-dog? Which of the two leads to more centralized, monopoly power — democracy or economic liberty?

Stephanie Holden Smith Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Tribalism and citizenship

Aren’t individual liberty and freedom two of our most valuable and foundational tenants? What happened to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Are they now antiquated notions in an increasingly global society? We better hope not and we better advocate otherwise. Our republican principles have enabled the greatest political experiment in the history of civilization to succeed and the entire world is better for it.

1819 logo Alabama News
Readers React to opinions on Ivey winning primary

“I returned to Alabama from Hawaii on February 14 past, after 30-plus years. I’m proud to be back. I also voted for Kay Ivey in the recent primary. I must tell you though, if I had read the recent articles from Caylah and Justin, I most certainly would not have voted for Gov. Ivey. ..."

Phil williams Alabama News
Phil Williams: Always remember, and never forget

It is an amazing thing to think that what we have, what we know, and what we so often take for granted came at such a great price.

Gay Pride Rally Alabama News
Guest Editorial: Ivey's transgender protection did not go far enough

During the most recent broadcast of HBO’s Realtime, Bill Maher posited that there had to be a social component to the general rise of children claiming to be transgender in certain regions of the United States. After noting that there are fewer transgender kids in Youngstown, Ohio, than Los Angeles, Maher quipped, “Either Youngstown is shaming them, or L.A. is creating them.”

Richard simmons NEWEST Alabama News
Richard Simmons: Understanding Vladimir Putin

The world is appalled by the senseless violence and death of innocent citizens in Ukraine. How can Vladimir Putin and the Russian leaders be so cruel and heartless, and have such a low regard for human life? I don’t think it’s difficult to understand.

Sean of the south Alabama News
Sean of the South: Texas

Mrs. Welch parked and stared at the brick building in the distance where she’s been teaching for 14 years. She tried to imagine what teachers in Uvalde, Texas, must have been feeling when their sanctuary was invaded by a lone gunman. A gunman who killed 19 students and two teachers.

Caylah coffeen new Alabama News
Caylah Coffeen: Why did Ivey win?

We had a chance to pick another Governor, and we didn’t. We had a ton of alternative, qualified candidates, and Alabama still picked Kay Ivey.

Justin Bogie Headshot Alabama News
Justin Bogie: What to expect from four more years of Ivey

What does another four years of Kay Ivey as governor mean for the state of Alabama? Unless a newly elected class of state legislators acts much more conservatively than their predecessors, it will likely mean bigger government, more taxes, and less freedom for Alabamians.

FM Talk 1065 Alabama News
Ray Melick talks Alabama voters' "Low T" on FM Talk 1065

Ray Melick talks Alabama voters' "Low T" on FM Talk 1065

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