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Food Pyramid Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Bugs on our plate?

Even though THEY still salivate at the chance to map out and control every aspect of our lives – including getting us to eat bugs – the winds of change, slight though they may be, are upon us.

Doctor Masks Alabama News
Dr. Andrew Hodges: Meet the new boss … same as the old one

Brace yourselves for fall. Here come the words and actions of poorly-informed, politically-motivated and superstitious people.

Legal Training Alabama News
Laura Clark: Lawyers need better training on originalism

With such strong support for originalism, you would think schools and the bar would be training attorneys to argue their cases from this interpretation, right? Wrong!

E99 A7630 Alabama News
Parker Snider talks Samford protests and Tuberville vs. Schumer on FM Talk 1065

Listen to 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider on "Midday Mobile" with Sean Sullivan as they discuss the LGBTQ protest at Samford and U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) making Schumer blink, forcing a vote on a few important military promotions.

Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe (4) throws against Texas Alabama News
Allen Keller: Of quarterbacks and nations

Even though a quarterback is only 1/11th of an offense, the necessity of the position and what he brings to the overall system is so much more than this.

Constitution1 Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Do treaties trump the Constitution?

Some globalists still insist that treaties supersede the Constitution, but legal precedent clearly says otherwise.

Border Alabama News
Rep. Dale Strong: Mayorkas' border invasion shows his disdain for the American people

The solution is simple. We need to finish the wall, send illegal aliens back to the countries they came from, and end the Mexican cartel’s reign of terror at the southern border. It’s time to put America first.

Upside Down World Alabama News
Joey Clark: An upside down world is nothing new to men of the West

Look outside your window at the topsy-turvy wide world, and I swear you’ll see waterfalls flowing upwards. The question in such an upside-down world is: Will you go with the backwards flow or set out to restore the world to its proper place? 

Constitution American Flag theusconstitution org Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Clowns, jokers and We the People

We the People who love freedom, crave better economic times and still believe our children can have a good future in this nation have about 13 months to get it together behind someone we think can right this sinking ship.

Chilling Effect Alabama News
Phil Williams: 'The Big Chill'

We cannot become the dog that fears the mere possibility of the shock even when the power is off. Know your rights.

Army Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Gone are the days of cops and robbers, and by all means, don’t get out the green army men!

No wonder we have weaker churches, families and military! It has nothing to do with any holds that U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville is doing. No, it is because we are raising feminized young men to fit our woke narrative.

Constitution 2 Alabama News
Justice Jay Mitchell: Preserving the timeless tenets of our founding on Constitution Day

This Constitution Day, let's take a moment to celebrate originalism! Through its respect for the original meaning of our founding document, this approach upholds the rule of law, preserves popular sovereignty, secures individual liberties, and promotes stability in our legal system.

Unisphere Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Bring back the World’s Fair

Since Congress loves wasting cash on useless stuff, why not blow a billion or 10 on something unique that Americans can actually enjoy for our tax dollars?

Kid on Phone Alabama News
Sean of the South: Hold the phone

He is playing on his phone when he asks, “What was it like before smartphones?”

School Children Alabama News
Jennifer Wolverton: A futuristic look at Huntsville, the education prototype

In 2043, as the sun set over the Rocket City, its people looked back on the past two decades with pride. They transformed their community into a place where every child's dreams could take flight.

Baby Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Alabama is holding the line on how to fight for life

I am immensely proud of my newly adopted state of Alabama for how it is holding the line on protecting the unborn and keeping the focus on creating a culture of life.

Argument Alabama News
Nick Treglia: The problem is not civility

I am not saying people cannot disagree, but for any nation to survive, its people must share some values that serve as the foundation of society and can be appealed to and respected.

20230825 081737 Alabama News
Parker Snider talks Samford vs. Auburn, impeachment and more on Alabama’s Morning News with JT on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Listen to 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider on iHeart Radio with JT as they discuss the the Unite Auburn event and the Biden impeachment inquiry.

Online Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: What ever happened to manners in the Wild West of technology?

If it is true that we all make our own rules of conduct on the internet, make your rules now. Determine that you and your family will act with respect and kindness toward others online.

AL Flag Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The Supremacy Clause – but supreme over what?

Alabama’s State Motto is “Audemus jura nostra defendere” – “We dare defend our rights.” Or have we amended our motto to read, “We dare defend our rights, unless a federal judge tells us we shouldn’t?" 

Pledge of Allegiance Alabama News
Joey Clark: 'Equity and justice for all' will leave us unequal and unfree

Those who would trade essential liberty for hollow promises of equity will receive neither liberty nor equity in the end.

Alabama Governor Mansion bobvila com Alabama News
Phil Williams: We need a God-fearing gunslinger for governor

Having just endured the past few years of COVID, Biden, Afghanistan, BLM riots and more, I find myself modeling in my mind what I know we need and deserve in the governor’s office.

Heavy Alabama News
Ashley Carter: When life feels heavy

We all carry different loads. We are all on different life journeys. Thus, learning to set our heavy loads down and stop to soak in life can sometimes seem like more of a chore than just lugging those burdens along with us.

Marxism Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Defeating Marxism through principles of the past

Defeating Marxism requires more than just political opposition; it requires a deep comprehension of the fundamental principles underlying our conservative convictions and the skill to express these values in an engaging manner.

Okay Alabama News
Sean of the South: Okay

Hundreds of years ago, when Choctaw Indians still lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, they had a word in their language. It was a short word: Okeh.

Books2 Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Stop giving the green light to blue material

Recently, adults gave the green light to blue material. It's happened repeatedly in Alabama, but Prattville is the only place elected officials have shaken hands with what's wicked.

20230825 081737 Alabama News
Parker Snider talks masking, the lottery and ALDOT's Cooper on Alabama’s Morning News with JT on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Listen as 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider and JT on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC iHeart as they discuss the new federal bill that to curb mask mandates, the potential of an Alabama lottery and ALDOT director John Cooper's threats.

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