Rise to the Moment of Truth Saturday, September 30, 2023
Al Robertson Alabama News
Duck Dynasty's Al Roberston talks 'The Blind,' details relationship struggles that led to marriage ministry

“It’s really out of brokenness, desperation, all those things that led us to Christ in our marriage, and now it helps us help other people.”


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Mosquito eater mosquito hawk crane fly Vladislav Balakshii unsplash com Alabama News
West Nile detected in Mobile County chickens; Health department recommends

The Mobile County Health Department detected the West Nile Virus in two coops of sentinel chickens used to detect mosquito-borne diseases.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo Alabama News
Jefferson County DA Danny Carr to help put on ‘Second Chance Hiring Fair’ in mid-October

The office of Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr is working with several local nonprofits, businesses and government agencies to help formerly incarcerated individuals get to work.

Linden, Ala. Alabama News
Delays on ALDOT contracts over West Alabama Corridor still in place after three weeks

Fourteen Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) contracts worth well over $100 million are still being delayed over three weeks since legislators placed holds on the contracts over a dispute about the West Alabama Corridor at a committee meeting.

State Sen. Arthur Orr Alabama News
State Sen. Orr to renew push to get Alabama out of retail liquor business in 2024

State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) will try again in the 2024 legislative session to privatize retail liquor sales in Alabama.

Photo from You Tube Alabama News
Developer behind ‘The Preserve’ project to add hotel, parking garage in Hoover neighborhood says it has ‘temporarily’ pulled proposal

Capstone Communities, the developer behind the attempt to alter the plan for a Hoover community to construct hundreds of residential units, a parking garage and a hotel, responded on Thursday to a request for comment by 1819 News.

Headland Alabama News
WATCH: Pike County forfeits to Headland after huge brawl between players, coaches

Pike County was forced to forfeit their high school football game against Headland after it ended in the second quarter after a brawl broke out on the field between the two teams.

Barry moore in committee Alabama News
Barry Moore only Republican 'no' vote from Alabama delegation on House stopgap bill preventing government shutdown

U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) stood alone as the sole Alabama member of Congress to oppose the continuing resolution designed to fund the government for 30 days, averting a shutdown.

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Crosshair Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Why the Freedom From Religion Foundation has Alabama in its crosshairs

Make no mistake, FFRF has targeted Alabama and will not stop until they succeed in upending the practices of faith that many of us hold dear.

Drugs pills Alabama News
Erica Thomas: Breaking the chains of the opioid crisis

Alabama is known for a church on every corner, but somehow those corners are also plagued with drugs and crime. How did it get this way and what is being done to bring Alabamians back to God and break the chains that are binding and killing His people?

Conversation Alabama News
Nick Treglia: Ready at a moment’s notice

When we think about witnessing to someone, it often comes with a pang of anxiety or stress. We feel like the conversation would be forced or awkward. But the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Praying Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Weathering these scary times with confidence

We need to get on our knees and turn to God in prayer and beg Him to do a work in us – His people – and then do a work in our country. We need to do what’s right in big things and in small so that when God looks down on us, He sees a remnant of people who are faithful to Him alone, because our actions – the actions of God’s people – are what will heal our land.

Money Back Alabama News
Jennifer Wolverton: ‘Give me my money back!’

We must reclaim education funding through Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) and prepare Alabama for new and exciting microschools, which are the small, flexible, high-quality education models of the future.

Michelle Lujan Grisham Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: ‘Executive overreach is for your own good!’

The most consistent thing about government is that those in power, no matter who they are, always claim to have our best interests at heart. “It’s for your own good!” runs the executive’s trusty refrain.

Tourism Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: Tourism and prosperity

Value-creating tourist destinations improve Alabama’s economy – and our lives. But subsidizing tourism with tax dollars will not create prosperity. 

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Auburn Linebacker Eugene Asante 9 20230923 FB vs Texas AM ZB 0073 Alabama News
4 things to watch for in Auburn's game against Georgia

Auburn will have arguably its toughest test of the season this week in the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs. What are some things to keep an eye out for during the game?

Jalen Hale vs Ole Miss Photo by Crimson Tide Photos UA Athletics Alabama News
Alabama at Mississippi State: 5 things to look for in the Tide's first SEC road game

Here are a few things to watch for this Saturday night as the Tide travel to Mississippi State.

Jase Mc Clellan vs Miss St Photo by Mississippi State Athletics Alabama News
Saban: Mississippi State will pose a tougher challenge than Ole Miss

According to Saban, Alabama has to turn around and play the better team that participates in the Egg Bowl, Mississippi State.

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Katie Britt Alabama News
'I’m a long way from that' — Katie Britt downplays presidential aspirations

After a Politico article suggested U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) may be the new leader of the GOP post-Donald Trump, some have speculated whether or not the freshman senator may make a run for the White House.

Robert Aderholt Alabama News
Aderholt on impending federal shutdown: 'We’re fighting to turn this ship and get government back under control'

Congress has until the end of this week to approve 12 appropriations bills to keep the government running or else risk a shutdown.

Katie Britt Alabama News
'Someday she'll be running this place': Politico envisions Katie Britt as the 'post-Trump' leader of the GOP

She'll have several hurdles to overcome between now and then, but a Politico magazine piece penned by veteran journalist Jonathan Martin contemplates a world with U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) as the leader of the post-Donald Trump Republican Party.