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Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Joe Biden Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Dale Strong: Biden uses executive power for leftist agenda, ignores migrant crime

Joe Biden has signed dozens of orders promoting gender equity, discussing climate change, and bolstering the regulatory state. So why can he not use executive authority to secure our border?  

Big johns alabama bbq Alabama News
Big John’s Alabama BBQ picked number one in Florida

Florida's best BBQ is 'Big John's Alabama B-B-Q' in Tampa. Brought to Florida by a preacher from Eufaula, Alabama.

Britt social media Alabama News
Pete Riehm: What is a woman? Sen. Katie Britt

Democrats can’t handle the truth, and they can’t handle a real woman.

Britt sotu response Alabama News
Joey Clark: Tethered tea and Sen. Katie Britt's debut on the great American stage

The reaction to both Biden and Britt seemed even more scripted and contrived than either of their speeches – like dogs bred to bay at the smell of chicken skin and peanut butter.

Apathy Alabama News
Lee Barkley and Scott Woodard: The costs of apathy

Our apathy drives many of the negative effects of our political age.

Alabama political news national guard Alabama News
Phil Williams: The next greatest generation

You men and women of the next generation … you guys have got this.

AL House of Rep Stadthagen Scott Facebook Alabama News
Stadthagen: Senator Britt exemplifies hope for a better future — 'SNL writers may be bringing in the big guns to try to get Senator Britt to back down, but the joke is on them'

Over the past three-and-a-half years, we have watched as President Biden took every possible step to weaken our nation. We have seen the Taliban grow more powerful in Afghanistan. We awoke on an October morning to the news of Hamas attacking Israel, one of our closest allies. We have been forced to deal with the consequences of Biden’s crisis at the Southern border.

Alabama political news hospitality Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A table set for true hospitality

The weather is changing, the daffodils are blooming, and there is a feeling of spring in the air. And as the soft breeze begins to blow and colorful flowers start to bloom, hospitality comes to mind.

Nathaniel Ledbetter Alabama News
House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter: IVF is as pro-life as it gets, and the Alabama Legislature is committed to protecting it

IVF is as pro-life as it gets, and I am committed to ensuring it is always an available option for the people who call our great state home.

Alabama political news sick Alabama News
Sean of the South: Unseen things

You’re human. Sometimes you feel like you’re losing. Sometimes you feel overlooked and alone. Sometimes you talk to the sky and hope it will answer you. Sometimes you wonder if you’re going to make it. But it's going to be alright.

Alabama political news wrecked car Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The escape

When you are sure about where you’re going when you die, that certainty brings powerful clarity about your life, how to live, and what to do while you’re here.

IVF Alabama News
Laura Clark: The overreaction about Alabama IVF

Republicans have a cognitive dissonance regarding IVF. While IVF is a good thing and pro-life in the sense that it does expand human life, unregulated IVF is a danger to life.

Prattville City Council Alabama News
Lori Herring: How a small group of parents took on city hall and won

What have we accomplished this year? Not only have we replaced every single member of the Prattville-Autauga Library Board, we have also passed every reform we asked for.

Alabama political news spock logic Alabama News
Allen Keller: The war on logic

It seems logical consistency is in short supply these days.

Learntodrive Alabama News
Rev. John Ed Mathison uses humor in daily email message

Rev. John Ed Mathison used a particular form of humor to make a serious point. He employed irony. In this case, it was something that happened in exactly the wrong place.

Alabama political news casino cartoon Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Crime pays in Alabama

Some Senate members may have had good intentions to pare down the corrupt House bills that expanded gambling by millions of percentage points statewide, but they didn’t go far enough to protect the vulnerable or remove the corruption.

Alabama political news tea party Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: John Hancock and the speech that advanced the American fight for liberty

On March 5, 1774 – 250 years ago this month – John Hancock cemented his legacy as a leader of colonial resistance to British rule when he delivered his “Boston Massacre Oration.”

Slot Machine Rolling Drums stock photo Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: The Scriptures don't say anything about gambling ... but do they?

The gambling worldview is that of a universe governed by the gods of blind chance in which one gets rich at the expense of others. Biblical morality is therefore the antithesis of gambling. 

Alabama political news mercedes Alabama News
State Sen. Will Barfoot: Safeguarding workplace freedom

Safeguarding workplace freedom requires vigilance against the tactics employed by unions like the UAW.

Alabama political news election day Alabama News
Joey Clark: An Election Day to remember

Though almost every election is branded “The Most Important Election in History," some elections, indeed, prove to be more enduring than others. 

trump border wall Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Barry Moore: The border and the ballot box

Just a few months ago, I sat across from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the House Judiciary Committee and asked him if our border was secure. He said yes. All America knows that was a lie.

snowflake baby Alabama News
Phil Williams: IVF and 'snowflake babies'

Don’t throw those beautiful snowflake babies out with the bath water.

Scott Harris Alabama News
Dr. Stewart Tankersley: Breaking the chokehold of the medical-industrial complex in Alabama

The Machiavellian techniques employed by the medical-industrial complex were clearly on display this week on Goat Hill. Public health advocates were circling the wagons, having their protectors in the legislature present bad bills, one after the other. 

Alabama political news homemaking Alabama News
Ashley Carter: The art of homemaking

The art of homemaking is a beautiful timeless act that defies societal expectations.

Constitution Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The divine endowment of freedom in the United States

While our founding documents play a vital role in shaping our society, they are not the ultimate source of our freedom. Instead, it is God who granted us these inherent rights and responsibilities. 

Alabama political news old men Alabama News
Sean of the South: Wise ole words

I asked a handful of friends for words of wisdom from elders in their lives. The rules were simple, the wisdom giver had to (a) be over 75, and (b) they had to be—technically—still alive.

Alabama political news IVF clinic Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Abortionists are using Alabama’s IVF case to promote their cause

Politicians and legacy media have reduced the decision to a slogan: “Alabama bans IVF.” This is patently dishonest.

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