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Edwards Bell Tower Birmingham Southern College Alabama News
Conner Hayes: The men who murdered Birmingham-Southern College, part II

Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) needed money to fund its expensive capital projects, ornamenting its gated “hilltop in the hood,” as some occasionally called it. 

Alabama political news freeing slaves Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Forging freedom through the Three-Fifths Clause of the Constitution

The Clause, by counting each enslaved individual as three-fifths of a person, reduced the overall representation of the slave states compared to counting them as full individuals. It did not give the slave states a huge pro-slavery majority in Congress. 

birmingham-southern college Alabama News
Conner Hayes: The men who murdered Birmingham-Southern College, part I

BSC was pronounced dead and DNR (do-not-resuscitate) over the last several years by an Alabama Legislature largely unsympathetic to its plight. But we only see the tip of the iceberg.

Alabama political news old truck Alabama News
Sean of the South: Old trucks and young men

I know too many who believe this world has already landed in the outhouse. I know too many who think love is an elaborate myth. Well. I believe these people are dead wrong.

Alabama political news fatherless Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The link between fatherlessness and crime … whether we like it or not

Whether we like it or not, the issue remains: violence and fatherlessness are connected.  

Swingstates Alabama News
Jim Zeigler: Gauging how the Trump guilty verdict affects presidential election   

A national poll of voters is not an indication of how the presidential election is looking. Only swing states make the difference.

Alabama political news gold Alabama News
Sound Money Defense League: Alabama abolishes income taxes on gold and silver

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill recently removing all income taxes on capital gains from the sale of gold and silver, enabling the state to take an important step forward in reinforcing sound money principles. 

Alabama political news liberty death Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Happy Birthday, Patrick Henry!

Patrick Henry was one of the greatest orators in American history, but he was so much more. His principled, Scripture-based defense of liberty marks him as one of the greatest Christian statesmen of all time. 

Alabama political news napoleon Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Tyrant, the Dog and the piles of history

Though man cannot be reduced to the literal facts, certain facts do have a way of bringing all men down to earth no matter their station. 

Mike Rogers Alabama News
Concerned Veterans: Why so woke, Mike Rogers?

Let us honor our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day by keeping high the very standards that have made America great.

Alabama political news rainbow division Alabama News
Phil Williams: Send the Alabamians

There is a story that too many Alabamians don’t know – one about young men from every county, corner, corncrib and country road who answered a call that changed the state of Alabama forever. 

Alabama political news pride month Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Standing strong during Pride Month

The celebration of Pride Month brings many deeply troubling implications for our children and families, undermining the values that sustain our communities.

Alabama political news weakness Alabama News
Emily Jones: Weakness … where has our strength gone?

If the battles we are facing today aren’t enough to help people find their strength and overcome their weaknesses, where does that leave our children? What kind of society does that leave for them? 

Alabama political news lake martin sunset Alabama News
Sean of the South: Lake Martin

Childhood is nothing but a continual buzz. A non-stop adventure novel.

Shomari Figures, Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: A tale of two candidates in Alabama’s District 2

Alabama’s new District 2 is offering a choice this year between a D.C. insider and a political newcomer.

Alabama political news alcohol Alabama News
Laura Clark: Drink Freely, a satire

From baby’s first wine cooler to an afterschool Bud Light for your middle schooler, this store made certain our youngest drinkers can find the right drink for them.

Nathaniel Ledbetter Alabama News
House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter: Productive session offers promise that Alabama’s best days are yet to come

It’s been a little over two weeks since the Legislature adjourned Sine Die, and I believe the people of Alabama should be proud of what lawmakers accomplished throughout the last three months. 

Alabama political news homemaker Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Happy in my homemaker era

It is not only OK, it is GOOD if women desire marriage and a family.

Alabama political news exxon Alabama News
State Auditor Andrew Sorrell: Blue state officials play cheap political games ahead of Exxon shareholder meeting

We cannot allow political interference to destroy the integrity of shareholder votes.

Alabama political news Vietnam Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Welcome home, Vietnam veteran!

This Memorial Day, please set aside some time to thank God for America, still the greatest and freest nation on earth. And thank those who gave their lives to preserve this freedom.

Ivey824 Alabama News
Tony Daunt: Gov. Kay Ivey has the back of Alabama workers and taxpayers

This new law guarantees employees of companies that accept Alabamians’ taxpayer dollars access to a private-ballot union vote. 

Alabama political news baby Alabama News
Joey Clark: Selfish giant feeds baby

Until recently, the gates to my walls were selfishly shut to newcomers, wary of a world full of contrived needs and false compulsory compassions. Yet, the smallest of newcomers recently opened the gates to my heart with the most honest and basic of needs.  

Alabama political news U S prayer Alabama News
Phil Williams: When leaders pray

Anyone can pray. We do not gain entrée through our status in life. Yet there is something decidedly unique when a leader prays.

Alabama political news uniting Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Uniting through shared values

Values are the bedrock upon which societies build their identities and aspirations. They have a unique knack for rising above political divides and cultural differences.

Harrison butker Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A kicker I’m proud to have on our team

Let’s follow Harrison Butker’s example and honor wives and homemakers once again!

Nick Saban Alabama News
Jack Caine: Detroit's guide to religion in Alabama

Football is a religion in Alabama. And if anyone commits an act of sacrilege against the Vicar of Tuscaloosa, the consequences are sharp and immediate. 

Alabama political news USO dance Alabama News
Sean of the South: Olden Times

“The world sure had changed, hasn’t it, Mama?” said her daughter. The old woman patted her daughter’s hand. “The world, yes. But people are still just as beautiful as they’ve ever been, sweetheart.”

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