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Books Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Good riddance to bad rubbish

After much pressure from the community and state lawmakers, The Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) Board did the wise thing last Tuesday, unanimously voting to withdraw its membership in the American Library Association (ALA).

Alabama political news John C Calhoun Alabama News
Nick Treglia: Viewing the border crisis through the eyes of John C. Calhoun and the American Founders

If those in the federal government wish to disregard their constitutional obligations, let them. But they should not be surprised when states consequently assert their sovereignty and ignore federal directives, as Texas has.

Alabama political news dukes hazzard Alabama News
Allen Keller: That's not how I remember it

“The Dukes of Hazzard” just wasn’t how I remembered it. Sure, there were the chase scenes, as well as the beauty of Daisy Duke. But to say the dramatic material was lacking is like calling the criminal Boss Hogg’s morals merely questionable.

texas border guard Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: What’s really happening with ‘Homeland Security v. Texas?'

Thank God Texans are standing up to the federal leviathan; Alabamians should join them.

Alabama political news American flag Alabama News
Joey Clark: The flogging will continue until Americans remember they are citizens

Unfortunately, U.S. citizenship in modern America means neither freedom nor independence, but dependency and domination.

Starnes show Alabama News
The ladies of 'Alabama Unfiltered Radio' join Todd Starnes on Newsmax

Last week, Amie Beth Shaver and Allison Sinclair, co-hosts of Alabama Unfiltered Radio, joined the "Todd Starnes Show" on Newsmax to discuss Gov. Kay Ivey's support of Texas in the border fight, airline safety and more.

greg abbott Alabama News
Phil Williams: Texas — a constitutional crisis, or a recipe against tyranny and invasion?

Keep your eyes on Texas. What we are seeing is a constitutional crisis of the highest order play out in the fight to defend our southern border.

school choice Alabama News
Charles ‘Kip’ Kiplinger: School choice and its financial implications

As conservatives, we uphold principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government intervention, and individual freedom. It's time to apply these principles to education through the advocacy of school choice.

Alabama political news mobile Alabama News
Sean of the South: Ah, Mobile

Mobile was pretty. The sunset was peach. The Dolly Parton Bridge at sundown will move you.

Alabama political news mountain Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: The relentless pursuit of solutions

Despite the horror of it all, they came together, united in the pursuit of solutions. And if they lived like that, on a snowy, unforgiving mountainside in Western Argentina, we can too.

School Choice. Alabama News
Laura Clark: A few things to consider in the quest for school choice

It’s high time we foster the idea that parents, not teachers, know best how to educate their children. School choice, done well, gives parents the freedom to do just that.

Barry Moore Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Barry Moore: Jerry Carl is lying to you about my record on the border

The ad my opponent recently released saying I am weak on the southern border and “not conservative” is nothing but hogwash.

Alabama farmland Alabama News
Caroleene Dobson: When it comes to protecting America's farmland, we must tell Communist China, 'Not now, not ever'

Farming is backbreaking and tiring work that far too often goes unrecognized by those beyond the property lines of a farm, but it is also an essential industry that ensures our fellow Americans are well-fed and the economy is strong. 

Nick Saban Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Why this Auburn fan is grateful for Nick Saban

It’s not like The GOAT made the last 17 years of my house-divided marriage easy. My husband and I do pretty well … until the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Illegal immigration border crossing Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: The establishment wants open borders at all costs

If/when the Supreme Court declares that Texas may not secure its own border from millions of illegal migrants, Texas may very well be willing to draw a line in the sand and invoke the infamous State powers of nullification and interposition. Perhaps New York City would actually be relieved.

Gambling roulette poker Alabama News
John W. Giles: ‘Let the people vote!’ is the pinnacle of deception

When the Alabama Legislature was feverishly pushing the gas tax hike, did you ever hear a legislator say, “Let the People Vote?” Or how about this one: “I am personally pro-life, but I believe a woman has a right to choose?" 

Political Protest Alabama News
Joey Clark: Guard your heart from politicians and never expect too much from them

Every four years, I make a quiet promise to myself to remain as detached as possible in my support for anyone for president. In essence, don’t fall in love with politicians!

Migrants Running for Border Alabama News
Phil Williams: What's a state to do?

Practically speaking, what is a state to do when its own wellbeing is threatened and D.C. won’t assist?

Women Coffee Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A little advice to 20-year-old me

If you could give one piece of advice to someone in their 20s, what would it be?

ballots Alabama News
KCarl Smith: Urgent call to action on restoring election integrity

What we're dealing with in this country is not a game; it's a battle for the future of our God-given freedom and the United States of America.

Kalen DeBoer Intro Press Conference Alabama News
Sean of the South: Morning in Tuscaloosa

I’m glad Alabama has a new, accomplished, head coach. I’m glad he’s here. I’m glad he has lots of enthusiasm. But I miss the old guys.

Maddow Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Trump’s censored Iowa speech proves that journalism is on life support

Do we need any more evidence that we have a failing legacy media complex? Not after last Monday’s caucuses in Iowa.

European Migrants Alabama News
Nick Treglia: Europe's harrowing migrant experiences foreshadow America's own immigrant surge

Who knew that mixing people with fundamentally different views on everything would cause problems?

Homeschool2 Alabama News
Sarah Sanchez: Fighting for homeschool freedom in an ESA world

Although proponents of school choice claim that ESAs could bring an unprecedented cash flow of support to homeschooling families, many are concerned about the fact that they could also bring unprecedented government oversight.

Bama Football Alabama News
Allen Keller: Let the big dog eat

Once again, Bama fans find themselves in the unknown circumstances present in Athens back in 1985.

Trans Parade Alabama News
Katrinnah Darden: The cracks in modern gender ideology that VCAP will illuminate

Gender ideology claims that the science is settled and that dysphoric youth shouldn’t try to re-align their gender identity with the body they were born in.

ARMY2 Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Army's excuse for recruitment failures? Too many fat, stupid, drug-addicted bigots

The U.S. Army would rather frame their victory for diversity as a failure in recruitment – one due to a wicked mix of pathologies in the white male population of the United States.  

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