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Auburn University Alabama News
Col. John Eidsmoe: Auburn is not a religion-free zone

Religion has always permeated public life. Now that government also permeates the public arena, interaction between religion and government is inevitable.

American Empire Alabama News
Joey Clark: Always east of Eden

Life is often about picking one’s own poison. Sometimes there are no purely good choices, only better or worse.

Silenced Alabama News
Phil Williams: Speak now, or forever have no peace

Is it possible to have peace when good people stay silent?

U S House Alabama News
KCarl Smith: An historic congressional change

The U.S. House of Representatives recently witnessed a significant development with its first ever vote to oust a Speaker of the House. 

Perspective Alabama News
Ashley Carter: A new perspective

We tend to spend too much time reflecting on politics, the problems of life and the opinions of others. While it is important to be a part of those things, we can’t let those things become us as a part of our innermost beings!

Tux Alabama News
Sean of the South: A long way to Mobile

So he’s sitting on the hood of his ‘73 Piece Of Junkola when an old guy at the next pump notices there’s something odd about this kid. Namely, the kid is wearing a tux.

Homer Givens Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Courage to die

We’re held back by a withering fear of speaking out and then getting canceled, of losing friends and of being deserted by family. Or even fear over our government coming for us. So terror shuts our mouths and kills our resolve. 

Vanessa LaFranco Alabama News
Joan Reynolds: A sweeping change at the National Federation of Republican Women

Fight for what is right. Get involved. We can all make a difference. 

Transgender child gay by Mercedes Mehling Alabama News
Laura Clark: Chief Judge Sutton’s epic smackdown of irreversible treatment of transgender youth

Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton just issued a complete smackdown of the American Civil Liberty Union’s (ACLU) case against laws preventing minors from receiving “gender affirming care,” simultaneously affirming recent laws in Tennessee and Kentucky seeking to protect children from puberty blocking drugs and hormones.

API Parker Snider Alabama News
Parker Snider talks Tua, congressional maps, and more on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss the recent updates on Alabama's redistricting case, corruption in Montgomery Public Schools, Tua's public faith and more.

Latin Mass Alabama News
Allen Keller: In defense of the Latin Mass

“What’s all the fuss about?” I wondered upon hearing these things. What’s so worrisome to our government about worshiping in a certain language?

Country Church 2 Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: How long until government closes churches again?

Were there no laws on the books that “clearly established” that the government cannot restrict church assembly?

Capitol Dome Alabama News
Joey Clark: Our national addiction

A life gripped by addiction is a series of short farcical victories that spell long tragic defeat, where even the so-called daily winners end up losers in the long run. This is true for individuals as well as entire nations.

Mustafa Kemal Alabama News
Justice Will Sellers: The Turkish Republic at 100

Even today, Turkey is a critical and necessary ally. Pausing to look back at their struggles to establish a republic gives us a basis for hope in their future.

Border Migrants Alabama News
Phil Williams: You break it, you buy it

The United States is the injured party. Our southern border is our eggshell skull. The Biden administration’s actions are the proximate cause of countless injuries to our whole society.

Child praying Alabama News
Ashley Carter: Restoring the importance of religion in our nation

We talk today about moral decline, but we forget that we are actively removing God from our homes, our schools, and the political world.

Shutdown Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The fine print of a government ‘shutdown’

The phrase “your tax dollars at work” may as well be “your tax dollars on vacation” whenever there’s a government shutdown.

Tree nuts, farmers market, pistachios Alabama News
Tuberville: From farms to farmers markets — Boosting the tree nut industry

My bill will open a new market for tree nuts and increase their demand, putting more revenue in growers’ pockets to cover expenses and continue producing.

Andy Griffith Alabama News
Sean of the South: Andy

I get Andy. And though I never knew him, he seems to understand me. And when I see that familiar jailhouse, or hear Barney Fife’s tenor voice, I am no longer that lonely child who once sat before a television and wondered if anyone would ever love him.

Crosshair Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O’Connell: Why the Freedom From Religion Foundation has Alabama in its crosshairs

Make no mistake, FFRF has targeted Alabama and will not stop until they succeed in upending the practices of faith that many of us hold dear.

Drugs pills Alabama News
Erica Thomas: Breaking the chains of the opioid crisis

Alabama is known for a church on every corner, but somehow those corners are also plagued with drugs and crime. How did it get this way and what is being done to bring Alabamians back to God and break the chains that are binding and killing His people?

Conversation Alabama News
Nick Treglia: Ready at a moment’s notice

When we think about witnessing to someone, it often comes with a pang of anxiety or stress. We feel like the conversation would be forced or awkward. But the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Praying Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Weathering these scary times with confidence

We need to get on our knees and turn to God in prayer and beg Him to do a work in us – His people – and then do a work in our country. We need to do what’s right in big things and in small so that when God looks down on us, He sees a remnant of people who are faithful to Him alone, because our actions – the actions of God’s people – are what will heal our land.

Inflation money shot Alabama News
Jennifer Wolverton: ‘Give me my money back!’

We must reclaim education funding through Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) and prepare Alabama for new and exciting microschools, which are the small, flexible, high-quality education models of the future.

Michelle Lujan Grisham Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: ‘Executive overreach is for your own good!’

The most consistent thing about government is that those in power, no matter who they are, always claim to have our best interests at heart. “It’s for your own good!” runs the executive’s trusty refrain.

Tourism Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: Tourism and prosperity

Value-creating tourist destinations improve Alabama’s economy – and our lives. But subsidizing tourism with tax dollars will not create prosperity. 

Jack Campbell Alabama News
Joey Clark: In memory of my friend, Jack Campbell

Rest in peace, Jack. I will never forget you. Years from now, when I’m that older man sitting alone at the local watering hole, perhaps someone will say hello and stop to listen to some of those same lines we once shared.

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