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Vaccine2 Alabama News
Dr. Stewart Tankersley: A pox, much worse than COVID, upon our house

The latest COVID bombshell is the revelatory acknowledgement by Canada's FDA that the Pfizer shots are contaminated with ominous DNA strands that can quickly integrate into the human genome.

University Campus Alabama News
Kristin Landers: What liberal indoctrination is doing to America’s college students

If it comes to picking an honorable, morally conscientious college over a hateful, prestigious university – it’s time to choose honor. What kind of people do we want our children to become in this world?

United States House of Representatives chamber Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: Why the Founders may have supported a 1,700-member House of Representatives

The Founders intended the House of Representatives to be the “People’s House.” But today, as the People number 330,000,000, the 435-seat House’s foundation is more strained than ever — its blueprint forgotten.

Israel Flag Alabama News
Pete Riehm: It’s not really about Israel; It’s about God!

Israel is ground zero for this spiritual struggle, but really this is just the world rejecting God. This is the time for choosing. 

National Seersucker Day 2015, U.S. Senate Alabama News
Joey Clark: Politicians need to get more cynical about politics

A perennial problem with politics is that people in politics actually take themselves seriously. Politicians may act cynically, yet they are not quite cynical enough when it comes to their own political ambitions. 

ALABAMA PRISONERS AP Photo Brynn Anderson File Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: Prison costs and the tragedy of the commons

As the price tag for Alabama’s new prisons rapidly approaches $1 billion each, these costly prisons should make us consider how we make decisions about using corrections facilities.

Speak Out Alabama News
Phil Williams: When the people speak up

For years, Biden said that anything Trump did was bad. He eschewed the very idea of building a wall. Lo and behold, he had an epiphany.

Jordan Alabama News
KCarl Smith: The ongoing congressional struggle

The gradual erosion of core freedoms such as speech, religion, and self-defense continue, perpetuated by the very government entrusted with upholding these rights.

Children in church Alabama News
Dear Ashley: Who raises our children: church or parents?

When are we going to realize that it is not the duty of the church to raise our children?

Coke Alabama News
Sean of the South: Co-Cola and nuts

The students poured peanuts into their bottles. Messes were made. Bottles erupted on desks like Mount Saint Soft Drink. Everyone started to giggle.

Palestine Protest Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Why the double standard on borders and babies?

Getting history right matters. Borders, land, and boundaries matter. It matters there. And it matters here. 

20230825 081737 Alabama News
Parker Snider talks Birmingham-Southern and House Speaker race on Alabama’s Morning News with JT on NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Listen to 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider on iHeart Radio with JT as they discuss State Treasurer Young Boozer's block of the much-needed $30 million loan to Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham – a loan that they might need to stay open – as well as U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan's (R-Ohio) likelihood of becoming the next Speaker of the House.

Fatherson Alabama News
Laura Clark: The broken system of DHR

It’s time to take a hard look at DHR and its policies. Alabama has a wonderful history of protecting families. This is just one necessary step to keep our families strong.

Empty Church Alabama News
Allen Keller: Of nature and vacuums

The very thing that instructed us on how to withstand not only temptation but also assault has been stripped away, leaving a postmodern emptiness.

vote ballot shadow Alabama News
Katrinnah Darden: Alabama redistricting solution hurts both black and white voters

Allen v. Milligan will have a precedential effect on other redistricting battles going on around the country and these cases, taken together, could significantly impact the political landscape after the 2024 elections.

Pumpjack (oil derrick) and refinery plant Alabama News
Stan McDonald: Permitting reform will help build a stronger Alabama

Increasingly, our nation’s antiquated, inefficient federal permitting process is standing in the way of the progress these kinds of projects could help us achieve. That is why it is crucial for Congress to pass permitting reform this year.

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) Alabama News
Joey Clark: Dude looks like Alabama's Liz Cheney

Ever since Liz Cheney became a symbol of betrayal for the new American right, many Alabamians have warily searched for the “Liz Cheney of Alabama” — but to no avail.  

Reagan Alabama News
Phil Williams: Peace through strength

We have been dealing with Palestinian terrorism for decades. In fact, this past week marked another world event involving Palestinian terrorists. 

Literature Alabama News
Will Blakely: In defense of literature

Why would we read literature if we could obtain the same amount of information from a six-paragraph blog post, as Bankman-Fried suggests? Because the point of reading literature is not to obtain information but to discover a different kind of knowledge: wisdom.  

Columbus Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Politically incorrect Christopher Columbus

America has always been known as a melting pot. But sometimes if you turn the heat up on a pot too much, everything dissolves. Including the traditions and the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Dock Alabama News
Sean of the South: Family reunion

The Alabama game was on. The Crimson Tide was beating Texas, and my heart sang. We were at a family reunion.

Library Alabama News
Charlotte Meadows: It's up to parents to navigate their children through this confusing world

Whether it’s books that obviously have a social agenda in a library, the curriculum in their school, or even which school they attend, all parents have the right and responsibility to choose what is best for their children.

AL Flag Alabama News
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell: Restoring unity through the American flag

In the midst of the battering, which is often relentless and ongoing, we continue to stand. The flag solidifies our sovereignty, which is why trying to promote other flags alongside or above it is pompous and foolhardy.

S Ad Alabama News
Nick Treglia: The good about bad

Life’s challenges, if approached with the right mindset, are what build character.

API Parker Snider Alabama News
Parker Snider talks CIA director Hayden's Twitter threats on Tuberville, the new Montgomery flag policy and more on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss the apparent call for Senator Tuberville's demise by a former CIA director, a new neutrality flag policy for the City of Montgomery and more.

Kids playing Alabama News
Kristin Landers: Let’s bring back childhood

My childhood was not perfect – no one’s is without blemish – but for the most part, my parents and even society let me be a child. I’m very blessed. 

Education Freedom Alabama News
Jennifer Wolverton: The heroic quest for education freedom

As we navigate the intricate web of educational transformation, let us draw inspiration from these modern-day heroes. Let us be reminded that we possess the potential to make a profound impact on the lives of children and the future of education in Alabama.

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